Posted by: yteditors | September 5, 2001

Striking a Balance

Striking the balance in theatre    by Nandini Rao

Part 1- Onstage and Beyond Stage:

Like everything else in life, theatre is also a lot about finding the perfect balance. Its no tougher than walking the tight rope, you focus more one side and may trip and fall down.

It takes a while to know that you need to strike the balance a lot more to master this art.

Theatre professionals constantly face conflicts in almost every aspect, from people to process, from kind of performances to type of audience, from being commercial to doing justice to artist within. There is no perfect answer, there are no Do’s and Don’t’s in art, it is a personal journey for every artist.  Yet in many way finding a balance helps artist to sustain the work much longer.

Here are few of types of Balance acts :

Actors conflict: Onstage and Beyond Stage:
1st Extremes : Most newcomers in India join theatre with a single aim of being on stage. They chase the moment of glory and never realize the biggest theatre and acting lessons can be learnt  when you watch performances or when you are volunteer and get to see the whole theatre production from a distance.

2nd extreme:  There are other who believe they don’t have the right talent , looks or the confidence to face audience and find getting involved in beyond stage and production work as a good way to keep in touch with their passion.

However they completely miss out on understanding the dynamics of being stage and experiencing  the truth of moment. They also become critics , as they keep watching  all rehearsals and runthru. Isnt it always easier to sit in audience chair and have opinion about how it should have been done or how actors could have performed it better. It’s an easy tendency to get critical when you don’t face the heat of being on stage.

Balance – Alternating being onstage and offstage on a rotatary basis would give 360 degrees perspective and also create strong empathy & respect to every aspect of production.

— By Nandini Rao


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