Yours Truly Theatre Experiences in 2007
From the Editors Desk: 
The year 2007 saw a lot of interesting shows done by Yours Truly Theatre.  We continued our rigor around keeping the fire of learning along with the fire of performances from auditoriums to right under the tree.  The experience is just the same, infact more fulfilling with the performance “under the tree”.  The year also saw a series of public shows, one of them was the story of the very common “common man”.  We also continued our experimentation and Lab works. Out of the Lab work emerged another new interactive theatre format called “Duplicity” by YT.

January 2007 – Advanced Acting Workshop : An OK session for YT members
By Madhu Smriti Shukla (Ninassm and NSD graduate)

January 2007 – Double Bill workshop – Actor Director Workshop:
Specific short workshop for YT members conducted by Ranji and Nandini

February 2007 – “Life at the Camp” at a Labor Camp :
Saw the actors performing interactive theatre under the tree for the laborers who live in tin sheets off Sarjapur road

March 2007 – “Campus ” at ISEC :
We performed an interactive theatre for the phD students of Indian Society for Social and Economic Change.

April 2007 – Dollar Dreams at Nayana Auditorium:
An interactive theatre performance about ” money ” in life.

April 2007 – 18 till I die at Nayana Auditorium:
An interactive  theatre performance on being young.

April 2007 – “Friends” at APSA Show :
interactive theatre performed for the child rescue and rehabilitation center whose energies and enthusiasm remain with us till today. performances for children rescued from forced labor.

April 2007 – Mime Workshop for YT members

May 2007 – “Humor RAS” at Karunashraya :
An interactive theatre performance for the patients who are in their last stages of life.

May 2007 – “Into the Depth” – Advanced Acting Workshop for YT members

June 2007 – “Complete The Story” A Basic and Advanced theatre format workshop for YT members on understanding “complete the story”

August 2007 – “Relive Aug-15 1947 ” at Nayana Auditorium :
An interactive theatre performance where we invited senior citizens and freedom fighters to be a part of this playback performance

August 2007 – Relive Mysore at Infosys, Mysore:
An interactive theatre performance, the same relive series was taken to Mysore.

August 2007 –  Euphoria at Infosys, Bangalore :
interactive theatre, this playback performance was done keeping euphoria in mind.

September 2007 – Common Man in CTS style at Seva Sadan :
Written by Nandini and directed by Ranji & Nandini

November 2007 – Soundscapes : An extensive workshop on sounds for YT members

November 2007 – Black Rainbow Project  at Mathru Blind School:
An  interactive theatre performance for the visually challenged children

December 2007 – Duplicity at Alliance Franchaise:
A new format of interactive theatre performance style which is all about the duality in human minds.

December 2007 – Make a-wish at Genie Kids:
This special interactive theatre children’s only show made it special for the children by making a wish.

December 2007 – Chautanki at Nayana Auditorium
A series of 2 short Improv performances

December 2007 – A Pair of Glasses at Nayana Auditorium
A story around communal harmony in CTS style

December 2007 – The unknown at Nayana Auditorium
A spooky story of friends and an unknown being in CTS Style

Editors: Does the year 2007 have any significance in the journey of yourstruly theatre.
Ranji: I guess the year 2007 was almost a turning point in our journey.  I say this because in 2007 we began experimenting with a new way of devising productions.  we were trying to find a new language to devise, that experimentation did well in the form of Common Man, (the first version).  The style of presentation, the choice of structure all were a path that we had just begun to start, discover, explore and create. Both Nandini and I, we were conscious. We were conscious of Bretch when this work began. we were conscious of the new narrative that was just begging to take shape, we were conscious of the physical language and more importantly the other supporting departments was completely in the hands of us the divise directors.  It was an amazing amalgamation, it gave birth to a totally new outlook towards putting the thoughts, script, and ideation.  It gave birth to our new language. When I look back I think that step was also one of the turning points, we began rehearsing with either lights set up, costumes, sets all contributing during the initial stage of our devised work, they would add more meaning to an evolving script.  Yes, can u imagine, a ray of light giving shape to a script.   This ofcourse matured in the years to come, this really set the ground work for our productions like BD (2010) and CMver2.0 (2011) which are I must say, a matured almalgamation, a matured language,  by now we have understood the nuances of the language, the stress and pause, the variations, the articulation, pronunciation and all. I guess we were laying that path in 2007 for a more creative future.  We realized actors need to be really matured to understand and contribute in the devised style of work that was emerging, a new comer would just go bonkers trying to wonder what we are doing.  Lemme trace my thoughts to Duplicity, a show with dualistic thoughts of audiences enacted on stage in a pure improvizational. The show was done for the opening  of graphicatures by Rasheed Kappan inagurated by Ms. Arundhati Nag at Alliance Franchaise.

Nandini:  A year when we decided to break the routine, the year we decided to reach out to new avenue, to new audiences, the year we decided to celebrate freedom, the year we decided to experiment beyond convention. The year was a small milestone of sorts, which was a foundation for years to come.
For me few highlights of the year were:
Relive 15th Aug 1947 –
A playback show celebrating the spirit of true freedom and celebrating the unknown heros. We invited all generations under one roof, right from surviving freedom fighters to generation which was just born around 1947 to our generation which has only seen freedom movies …all of them sharing what freedom means to them, all of them interacting with each other, all of the sharing their stories of struggle and liberation. It was our pleasure to have a very senior freedom fighter who shared the story of how he and his friends decided to pull down the black jack in a small town on Karnataka as they teamed up a big bataliion of youngsters and marched through the town and finally reaching the town hall and the mob in full spirits pulled the British flag down and put up the Tricolor Indian flag….thunderous applause by audience listening to this story and he continued…’even that day and that moment everyone clapped exactly like you guys did just now’ …. One more huge round of applause by audience who admired the old mans sense of humor and realized that years may have passed, generations may have changed…the spirit of freedom remains unchanged…The second story was told by a senior lady, who joined Gandhi camp while going through a bad marriage, the revolution empowered her and many women like her, they marched with thousands of freedom fighters while ready sacrifice their personal life. She also decided to quit the wrong marriage and divorced her husband and dedicated her life for the gandhian values. Her story and confidence on her face even at that age was truly inspiring.  A show such as this one got all generations connected with one spirit of patriotism of love and above all freedom.  The same show travelled to mysore and at Infosys campuses. 
Common Man
: To run a theatre group and go through all the ups and downs of balancing people, productions can be demanding. This was one of those phase of yt when we were all coming out a sour experience . What the team needed was to regroup in right spirit, to get back to revive the true spirit of theatre and team work.  In our search to find the right kind of script we decided to go for Common Man which was a 1 pager script I wrote many years back. The play was simple and required the group to work together with each other as a lot of chorus work was expected. We began to devise.

Few moments from the play Common Man (2007):


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