Yours Truly Theatre Performances in 2008

From The Editors
We are tracing the journey of YoursTrulyTheatre,  we have taken the task to ensure that all our work is documented.  The following are the details of our performances which encompassed the year 2008 with  shows at varied avenues. In the editions to come, you will get to read details dating all the way back to 2003, when Yours Truly Theatre began :),  so keep watching, keep reading 🙂            

Shows done in the Year 2008 by Yours Truly Theatre

January 16th– “A Day with Family” at Wipro Campus
An interactive theatre performance at Wipro to raise funds for a destitute centre

January 20th – Chai Time Theatre at Genie Kids
A series of 4 short stories done with Tribal theme

February 23rd – Chautanki at Genie Kids
An interactive Theatre performance exclusively for children

March 1nd – Chautanki @ Labour Camp
A Chautanki show organized by Breakfast4u.

March 7th – Anubhava @ Labour Camp
A playback theatre show done for labourers on the outskirts of Bangalore

April 2-3rd – Common Man at Rangashankara, Bangalore
Two continuous shows of CM in CTS style of theatre

April 2-3rd – Life in a Frame at Rangashankara, Bangalore
Two platform performances done before the show

April 6th –Beyond Boundaires at Nayana, Bangalore
A collage of stories

April 6th – Beyond the land of Hattamala at Nayana Auditorium, Bangalore.
A scripted play by by Badal Sircar done in CTS format of theatre

July 6th – Triple X at Indiranagar Rotary club, Bangalore
A series of 4 short stories done in CTS format

July 27th – Sunday Brunch at Nayana Auditorium, Bangalore
A playback theatre performance

August 22nd – Common Man at Rangashankara, Bangalore
In complete the story style of theatre

August 22nd – Life in a Frame at Rangashankara, Bangalore
Platform performance done before the show

August 30th – Seasons Change at Nayana Auditorium, Bangalore
A playback Theatre performance.
August 31st – Chautanki – BD – The Tribal Story at Nayana Auditorium, Bangalore
Done in Complete the story style

October 19th – Friends n Frames at Indiranagar Rotary club, Bangalore
A Series of 4 short Stories

November 15th – Anubhav @ CV Raman Nagar
A playback Theatre performance.

December 13-  Chautanki – Joker’s Underwear at SSA Girls Orphanage
Done in Complete the story style

December 20th – Mime performance at HippoCampus, Bangalore
A mime based interactive theatre performance


Performance Review :  A Delicious Sunday Brunch
Newspaper: Deccan Herald
Link: http://tinyurl.com/2b3tsqk


Group Review: Interactive Theatre
Magazine: The Week

Group Review: Improvise Guys
Magazine: Time Out Bangalore
Link: http://tinyurl.com/28ytk2p

Performance Review: Common Man
Online: Bangalore Metblogs
Link: http://tinyurl.com/28pard2

 Group Review: Yours Truly – Unpredictable, crazy, & out-of-the-box
Lifestyle Magazine:  Platform
Link: http://tinyurl.com/36ekdk3

Performance Review
: Brunch with a difference
Newspaper: Deccan Chronicle
Link: http://tinyurl.com/338tkhv


 The Editors Nostalgic Fluid of 2008:
A siginficant year when the tribal war, performance, and festivities continued in YT with great enthusiams, when in Feb we moved into a school, and when the YT production Common Man began to make its rounds in Bangalore begining at Rangashankara, later on moving to other interesting venues.  Also a year when YT saw a production called Beyond the land of Hattamalla which was done in CTS style.  A year that also gave the playback team newer themes to connect to audiences. A year when YT performed a series of double bills across Bangalore, with the year ending with a mime based interactive theatre work.


The year also saw significant performances of Black Rainbow Project, where actors performed blind-folded to a few blind schools and also to a regular audience who were blind-folded throughout the performance to get a sense of the new format of interactive theatre developed by the internal team at YT.

The year also witnessed a series of publications which showcased the unique work of Yours Truly Theatre.  Publications houses outside Bangalore took a lot of effort to understand our kind of work and showed a great deal of interest and enthusiasm to cover it as well.










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