1-Ness-09 (Jan – Mar)

Welcome to One-Ness our first quaterly update between Jan -March 2009

This Edition Includes:

  • From a Diary
  • Nostalgic Fluids
  • YT in News
  • Workshop Corner
  • YT Experiments
  • YT Testimonials 


It gives us great pleasure to announce the first newsletter for the year 2009. We move into this year with focus on newer avenues.

The intent behind an offical newsletter is to capture and update our month on month acitivies.  We have now officially moved over to wordpress for easier access and greater reach.

Our focus through this newsletter would be to reach out to the younger folks.  If theatre has to stay and be connected then the younger folks need to be initiated into it early.  

Feel free to share your feedback with us and we would be more than happy to read your thoughts.


Show in the Ist Quarter (January 09- March 09)

1st Feb – Yadi Yadi Yadda at GVS School: 
A show done completely in Gibberish, with a 4 sketches of life

3rd Feb – Common Man at Ranga Shankara:
The 5th show of Common

7th Feb – Bhagwaan dundoo at Baldwins Boys High School: 
A show to educate 2000 children about the civic sense

14th Feb – Go Green at IFIM Management college:
A show to educate the youth on green management

22nd Feb – All you Need is Love – 5 pm and 7pm – at Nayana Auditorium:
A show to start a change by instilling Love, after a series of hateredness in the society

28th Feb – Wake-Up India –  at Nayana Auditorium:
A Show to educate and start a change in the country by encouraging the youth to vote.

1st March – Common man –  at Nayana Auditorium:
The 6th show of Common Man.

21st March – Life @ Campus – at Indian Institute of Science:
A show for the students at IISc, reliving the moments at campus.

 29th March – Shock Tales: 
A show in Gibberish, gibberish in different global languages.                                                                                      <TOP>


“At Janaagraha we always look for new and innovative ways to spread the message of citizenship to people from all walks of life. It was in this context that our team zeroed in on YT. For the very simple reason that this wasnt just theatre, this was playback theatre! it seemed the perfect way to get people to talk and debate about citizenship and voting. ‘Wake up India’ was an outstanding event! the show was organsied and executed with finesse, as is come to be expected of YT.  The actors tuned into the mind of the audience and played back the myriad emotions running in their minds and created an environment that had it all when it comes to democracy, voting and government: cynicism, apathy, frustration and tremendous hope in the possibility for change! A big thank you to  YT for enabling change with us and our best wishes to you! May you grow from strength to strength! …..”  :  Sapna, HR & Volunteer Co-ordinator, Janagraha

 “At the Jaago Re! One Billion Vote movement we where looking at arts and expressions to reach out to a larger and wider audience. It was then that we met with the pioneering theater group Yours Truly, who came forward and adopted the campaign in a series of their play titled ‘Wake Up India’. The performances were interactive, witty and motivating, and people walked away with the message of engaging in participatory democracy. The inspiring performances where part of our get-out-the-vote campaign, which moved and motivated the people to participate in the campaign. This only reinforces the belief that acts and expression are a key building block in a vibrant civil society. We are obliged to Yours Truly as they continue to create, inspire and celebrate this change in social paradigm. Their continuing efforts to work with civil society and for society at large, is for sure a first step in awakening India: Vijay, Jaago Re Team on Wake Up India

Yours Truly’s play staged at CMCA’s Josh 2009, recieved an overwhelming and enthusiastic response from the participating junior citizens of CMCA civic clubs. The unique medium of interactive theatre appealed to the children who vociferously participated in the development of the plot of the play. The play was an interesting reflection and amalgamation of the creative enterprise of the Yours Truely theatre group and the imaginative and innovative responses of the audience. CMCA’s message of active citizenship was brought out in an ingenious and effective manner by the theatre company leaving the children with both an entertaining and fun event and one with a message to take home : Ms.Priya Krishnamurthy, Core Team, Childrens Movement for Civic Awareness, CMCA on “Bhagvan Dundo”

“The Theater group, “Truly Yours” had given a performance at IFIM Business Bangalore on the occasion of Entrepreneurship Week held on Feb 2009. The novelty is this style of theater, involving the audience generated considerable interest and enthusiasm. There appear to be a lot of potential to popularize this concept among students and working professionals. I wish them greater success in the future”: T.A Achuth Kumar, Senior Professor, IFIM Business School, Bangalore on “Go Green”

 “Yours truly, is one of its kind, it was the first time in our life that we saw such kind of great performance. Taking inputs from audience and presenting it on the spot without discussing it with troop members about the plan and showing such a great cooperation was marvelous. The best example of team work…Hats off to such great performance” : Sijin Jacob, 5th Trimester, PGDM Student, IFIM Business School, Bangalore

 “Dear yours truly theatre team, Your performance was the proof of brilliant creative skills, synchronization, teamwork and confidence. This kind of theatre could be a great teaching tool and could be used in Management education to build confidence, presence of mind and analytical skills.Looking forward to more such brilliant performances:  Prof. Shinu Abhi,  IFIM Business School, Bangalore

Chapter 20: Part One:- The Difference

There are artists who are followers, they just follow (they follow a script, they follow movements, they follow how to act, they follow how to direct, they are following what their teachers taught them with great perfection; they even follow theatre forms and formats; in fact there are a few who even follow what other theatre groups exactly do)

 There are very very few artists who are creators, they create (they create scripts, they create movements, and create “newer acts and newer directions”, they even create newer theatre forms and formats.

Yours Truly Theatre is a creator. 

The soil for creation is a conscious choice and effort.  The challenges for creators are new and unheard of; its an exciting unchartered territory.

To Critique:  Creators are often criticized by followers, because they are not following.  If the size of followers are high then maybe creators would slowly perish; unless they are in an island, protected and creating more creators OR if creators creations’ create creators.

A novice compares a follower and a creator; without understanding this very fundamental difference.

To Change: For long-time creators to become followers it is a psychological change.  For a follower to become a creator one day is change at every level, they would find it really difficult as it is traditional and more importantly they are  conditioned; unless they have a powerful creator internally.

If everybody is a follower then we would have something that was created 500 years back and millions of people blinding following it, the world will be filled with followers who blindly follow rules .   But creators enjoy changing rules, they thrive on it.

So what are you in life, a follower or a creator….

Writer: Ranji 



Breaking a VADA With Vishal
(Vishal, a YT member gets interactive with the YT initiators over a Vada)

Vishal: How many shows did Yours Truly Theatre perform in this quarter and where does all the passion to do more come from?

Ranji:This quarter we performed 10 shows.  Personally for me I have reached a point where I feel I am able to make a difference to people (both within and outside yourstruly), that drives me.  Some of those differences have been transformational, which is very satisfying.

Nandini:phenomenal almost a dozen shows in three months, all our weekends were booked with shows. I think it was a very exciting experience to manage variety of shows in a span of few months. The time we recovered from one show, the next was lined up and we had to drive ourselves once again. We did series of theatre production and reached out to general public, students and school children. The highlight was of course the ‘Wake Up India’ series in association with Jago Re –One billion votes campaign.

Vishal: One of YT’s acclaimed production; ‘Common Man’ performed at Ranga Shankara on Feb 3rd.  Was the audience challenging enough to activate dormant brain cells?

Ranji:Acclaimed, Vishal lets leave that to the audiences and critics. But, yes, each time and everytime there is a CTS style of performance actors are challenged.  Common man gives the cast a newness that a regular play does not.  Sometimes if a large population of audience is students then it would move in a direction, however, with a heterogenous crowd reactions tend to go all over, it requires a conductor to chanalize thougths and stitch an ending together with the audiences, sounds demanding, but its fun and thought provoking.

Nandini – In Bangalore to do multiple shows of the same play is quite challenging. And this was our 5th show almost a house full show. We also performed 6thshow in the same month. With 6 show completed the play is ready to travel to other cities and newer venues. A trip to pune is on cards.   

Vishal: Children are known to have short attention spans. Does the audience of Yours Truly include children as well? Cite an example.

Ranji:During interactive theatre performances we do our best to involve children’s reactions and thoughts.   Sometimes their thoughts are more thoughtout than adults. Eg:- In one of the CM show at RS, when the entire auditorium was reacting about “the death of the common man”, a 7-year-old boy said “Kasab will kill him, that’s how he dies”, and there was silence in the auditorium filled with 99% adults.

 Nandini:Yes, children are honest in their reactions, they will not pretend to be entertained if they are not enjoying. We had the opportunity to perform for 2000 school children at Bishop cottons auditorium and guess what, we did a interactive theatre. It was one the most exciting shows, as we covered issues about active citizenship, democracy in a short play and had brief discussions. It was a memorable moment when all 2000 children clapped along to vasanth’s music. This show was organized by CMCA, Bangalore.      






Show Review: Finding Answers in theatre of Interaction 
Date: March 2nd, 2009
Media: DNA, Newspaper, Bangalore 

Group Feature:
Yours truly Theatre

Date: Jan 19th , 2009
The Link: http://www.deccanherald.com/Content/Jan192009/metromon20090118113251.asp
Media Name: Metrolife, Deccan Herald News Paper, Bangalore Edition
Group Feature: Yours Truly Theatre 
Feb 15th, 2009
The link: http://www.telegraphindia.com/1090215/jsp/graphiti/story_10534859.jsp

Show Feature:
All you need is love

Date: Feb 20, 2009
The link: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Cities/Bangalore-Theatre-to-hit-moral-police/articleshow/4158764.cms

 Show Review: All you Need is Love
Date: March 3, 2009
The link: http://bangalore.citizenmatters.in/articles/view/853-yours-truly-theatre



 WORKSHOP CORNER:  Update on our workshop for this quarter

Yadi Yadi Yada: 
Exaggeration was found not guilty on these 6 Sundays by which culminated into an excellent performance called the ‘Yadi Yadi Yada’. Those three words in gibberish meant ‘one brilliant workshop’.

The entrants to this workshop had munched this slice of fun and are still continuing to devour more by being part of this ‘joint family’ called Yours Truly Theatre.  [click here to read more from the participants….]

Shock Tales:
It was a great feat given the fact that it was my first time on stage and likewise for everyone else. I must conclude by saying that the workshop and performance was nothing less of a WOW experience. [ click here to read more from the participants…….]

Our workshop focuses on physical and improvisational theatre.  Orientation and workshop forms an important part of a participants’ transition into the Yours Truly style of working.   To join [click here]




Vishal: You started 2009 with the workshop show called ‘yadi yadi yada’ and ‘shocktales’ with the entire set of enactments in gibberish. What motivated YT to take on this experiment and what were the experiences and challenges concerning this experiment?

Ranji: I think language sometimes is a barrier, it restricts. Speaking Gibberish sometimes breaks that language barrier.  A child begins in Gibberish, it’s the most natural language. There is a sense of freedom to express, as much as it is simple it is equally demanding that a person break the routine pattern that they have developed over a period of time in their lives.

Nandini: At workshop level the importance clearly is on breaking shells and losing inhibitions. A tool like gibberish works magic to break these barriers of language and more importantly there is a lot of pressure of speaking and sounding intelligent.and gibberish by its nature makes theatre so simple.

In these two shows we experimented a lot of with gibberish, we had short stories which brought in various aspect of this language, we had gibberish songs, gibberish poems,  gibberish menus. We also explored various language gibberish like japness, Italian,  gibberish, Arabian gibberish.

Both shows were enjoyable by actors and audience alike.

Vishal: ‘Wake up India’; A series of your shows in collaboration with the JagoRe!One Billion votes embarked on a strong dose of activism. How does Interactive Theatre help such passion for revolution?

Nandini: Theatre of National significance in India has been at times associated with street theatre, with strongly focuses on creating awareness and sensitization  to bring about a revolution. Every time Yours truly theatre has performed shows of national importance we have received overwhelming responses from audiences. Our first show in series of “Wake Up india’ was no exception. What was unique was we had invited people from various felids like professors, students, artisits, people belonging to armed forces and administration. It was a great dialogue shared with the audience. It was a charged up environment you experience once in while.

 We had few youngsters who confessed after the show that they always thought voting as a mere formality and the show helped them to see various perspectives on how their vote could make a difference.  We thank the JagoRe! Team for having taken up such a important initiative.




  1. good one

  2. Hey this is really cool…….. Congrats Ranji & Nandini

  3. It’s very cooool…congrates to all for that many plays in very short period of time

  4. Follower or Creater?

    I really liked that one.

    Congrats to u guys!

  5. jus one word- AMAZING!!

  6. Fantabuuuu….loussssss…!

  7. YT really thinks out of the box.
    Introducing Gibberissh to break the language barrier is such a nice idea and so soothing for people like me who can’t speak english but still want to act.

    The fact that YT cares about having children amongst it’s audience strengthens the fact that YT really intends to reach out for people of all categories, ofcourse with right set of messages.

    I LOVE YT.

  8. Hi to the newsletter team – fantastic job of getting it off the ground. Love the layout.

  9. hi!!!!!!!! guys u all are fantastic keep going.

  10. The fact that YT cares about having children amongst it’s audience strengthens the fact that YT really intends to reach out for people of all categories, ofcourse with right set of messages.

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