3-Ness-09 (Jul – Sep)

Welcome to Three-Ness, our Third Quarterly Update between July – September 2009

Yours Truly Theatre’s Offical Newsletter (giving you updates on our every quarter)For update on our First and Second quarter click on 1-NESS and 2-NESS ——>

This Edition Includes:

  • Quarterly Show Update
  • From a Diary
  • Nostalgic Fluids               
  • YT in News
  • Workshop Corner
  • YT Experiments
  • YT Testimonials


We transition into the third quarter of the year with 14 shows. A quarter when we kick started the YT-angle initiative performed for about 300 children on the eve of Independence Day at GVS School.

This quarter also saw two new improvization workshops conducted by Jeff and Ross (Australians) organized only for YT members.

A quarter that witnessed our latest production “Bhagvan Dhundo”, a play in search of GOD……. Editors

Shows in the III Quarter (July 09 – September 09)

 25th July – Life @campus at Symbiosis Institute, Electronic city.
A show as part of YTAC (Yours Truly at Campus) initiative, connecting the student community

2nd August – Punchtime at GVS School, 4 p.m-Signs team.
A collection of short stories in complete the show style of theatre.

2nd August – Punchtime at GVS school, 5.15 p.m.-Improvisation team.
Playback team enacts fluids, stories and conflicts based on audience reactions.

7th August – Life @ Campus at GFTI, Hessargata.
Show for students and faculty members of the Government film and television Institute.

12th August – Ranga Manch at Deutsche Bank, Electronic city.
A show taking the audience through their ups and downs, Deutsche Bank.

15th August – Independence Day special at GVS School.
Signs team performs a series of short shorts for children at GVS school in Indiranagar

22nd August – Life@ campus at Alliance Business School.
A show charting the life of students in their Campus

29th August – Signs show at Indian Public School, Kalyan Nagar
Signs team performs especially for children at IPS.

2nd September – “Making a change” for Nokia.
A show tracing and understand the process of Change in an organization

6th September – Bhagwan Dundoo public show at Seva Sadan 7.00 p.m.
A collage comprising of slices of our lives and our never ending journey in search of god

12th September – Life @campus at Auden Technology and Management Academy (ATMA).
A theatre show for students of ATMA at electronic city.

12th September – Teachers day special at Kairalee Nikethan School, HAL
Playback show in Kannada for teachers from across karnataka as part of their Teachers day celebrations.

19th September – “Signs” show at Government Girls Home, Dairy Circle.
3 Short story performances for an NGO ,”Government Girls Home” at 2.p.m.

20th September – “Make YT graph workshop” show at GVS school.
Two original shows by the new workshop participants. 

“A powerful mode to communicate messages with assured impact. Yours Truly theatre group is a spontaneous and young group, which has understood the need amoung students and is utilizing  “interactive theatre” as a medium to deliver messages to a point where we were left speechless, it was an amazing experience for all watching the show”: Mr. Jayachandra, Executive Director, Auden Technology & Management.

The show was exceptional.  The actors truly embodied creativity, communication, and fabulous team work : Prof. Ujjwal Choudary, Director, Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication(SIMC)  

“It was our pleasure to have Yours Truly Theatre here. Everybody who watched you was very happy with your performances, the spontaneity with which your actors conveyed the incidents impromptu amazed one and all.  A job well done to bring happiness to so many people.  Keep going and fly high.  We wish Yours Truly Theatre the very best in all its endeavors, in all the years to come” : Mrs. Renuka Naidu, Principal, GFTI (Government Film and Television Institute) , Hessargatta

The show was really enjoyable and a memorable one, a stress reliever from our regular day to day night shifts: Ms. Meena, Deutsche Bank

The students saw the freedom fighters come alive on stage, the characters that we try and explain in classes became alive. All the students and teachers enjoyed the show. In the last scene when the young boy hoisted the Indian flag and when the violin played the national anthem it was a very emotional moment. Thank you Yours Truly Theatre: Mrs. Usha Rani, Principal, Government School.

It was a fantastic show put up by Yours Truly Theatre, we thank you for taking your time out to perform for us.  The students would have their minds filled with the images from your play.  It would definitely help them:  Mr. Santhosh Kumar, Principal, Indian Public School.
One of the most unique Theatre formats that we have ever seen, intimate and engaging: Mrs. Anamika, Nokia.

 The play is inspirational, I have to go back home, answer lot of questions to myself and I have many decisions to make:Mr. Anil, Bhagvan Dundhoo (Public Show)

I am a student of Alliance Business School and had attended your theatre show on 22nd Aug in our central campus and I must tell you that you ALL were truly outstanding.!! *gives a standing ovation*  It felt extremely over-whelmed to see so much talent oozing out of all of you. Each of you were unique in your own acting skills. It was great fun, over all. Please conduct these kind of shows for us, it is great stress-buster and it leaves us feeling happy by the end of day: Palak Dubey, Student, Alliance Business School

Individual Feature: Angrezi play with a Desi Perspective – Nandini Rao
Date: July 20, 2009
The Link: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/tabloids/angrezi-play-desi-perspective-523
Media Name: Deccan Chronicle, News Paper, Bangalore Edition

 Group Feature: What motivates you, and what do you fear
Date: Aug 25, 2009
The Link : http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/Scripting/ArticleWin.asp?From=Archive&Source=Page&Skin=TOINEW&BaseHref=TOIBG/2009/08/25&PageLabel=2&EntityId=Ar00200&ViewMode=HTML&GZ=T
Media Name:  Times of India, News Paper, Bangalore Edition


 Chapter Ten : A Sword fighter and Serious Theatre

A sword moving swiftly into the thin air, thrust with tremendous focus.  A real swordsman does not function out of his mind, he cannot because mind takes time.  Mind thinks, mind calculates.

When we enter a religious place we take off our shoes,
when we enter a rehearsal space we take off our shoes.

We need to leave all our baggage’s and enter empty. 

So important to enter empty into a rehearsal space.

 “When will you do Serious Theatre” asked a serious face at me after a show.  This was 10 years back, during my initial days with theatre, at that time my stint was with Improv theatre.  I was doing comedy at Improv, I loved it, and it gave me a high apart from the creative flow, which is a high as well.

That question still lingers in my mind .

Now its clear,

Serious theatre has nothing to do with the “content” of your theatre, but it is all about taking theatre seriously.

Serious Theatre is an attitude.

It all begins from the mind, then translates into a behavior, which then translates into a habit, which then transforms into a culture with a team around you.  

During Rehersals
Coming to rehearsals, on time
Doing your homework on your character and your play before you walked into rehearsals
Focusing completely on the rehearsals and nothing else
Being there for every rehearsals till the show is over
Being there when the director needs you during scenes
Before a show
Coming on time before the show begins
Focusing on getting things in place before the show begins
Placing your mind in one place
After a show
Getting immediately back to the backstage, removing all the illusions, piece by piece
Moving on with life and not getting attached (to characters or story).


The movement of sword, the removal of shoes, the begining of an attitude in theatre.  The similarities and connections make newer implications.  Any activity done with serious intentions becomes serious.

So, are your activities serious OR are you serious, in life?

Writer: Ranji David

Workshop:  Make YT Graph
 20th September – YT graph workshop show at GVS school.
Two original shows by new workshop members followed by Photography workshop by Pramod nair and Make up workshop by Radhika Mehra followed by prizes and fun activities.

 Participant Feedback:
At Yours Truly in a very short span of time I felt that my imaginary level was cultivated to a different level and has helped me in expanding the emotional range:  Says Paragto read more click here 

But more than anything else, you’re welcomed as you are : Says Shruti ….. to read more click here]

Outside Knowledge by Jeff & Ross (Aussies by birth Indians by Heart)
5th July – Outside knowledge workshop by Jeff and Ross for YT
A Series of improvisation activities conducted by Jeff and Ross all the way from Australia specially for YT members.

Yours Truly Theatre conducts workshop for people with no prior theatre experience, if you are keen to join our caravan (travel and grow along with us), feel free mail us at yourstrulytheatre@gmail.com

New Directors: This quarter saw the birth of two new directors within the group…. Read the article new directors on the block [click here to read more]

New Initiative = Y’tangle:  At Yours Truly, we are constantly looking at innovative initiatives to reach out to audience of all types.  Here’s a look at this quarter’s initiative YT’angle. We talk to Nandini Rao, Initiator of Y’Tangle.

One of the Ness Editors, Vidya Samudrala, talks to Nandini over a cupa coffe about this initiative
Vidya: What is Y’Tangle all about?
: Y’tangle is an initiative solely dedicated to children.  Children are given an oppurtunity to participate as an audience in an interactive theatre format.  SIGNS – is a series of 5 short stories in complete the story format. Every story stops at some point and the audience(in this case children) are invited to suggest an ending.  Reactions are collected and the actors enact them on the spot.

Vidya: What was the motivation behind such a concept?
Nandini: Children these days are usually pushed into doing things and rarely get an opportunity to sit back and enjoy an event.  We want them to relax, absorb and participate.  Also a need was felt to expose them to interactive theatre where they get to have a say in stories.  It is not restricted to pure entertainment alone.  We are looking at addressing issues of friendship, managing emotions, decision making and money to name a few.

Vidya:  How has the response been so far?
Nandini: We have already started off by performing for various schools.  Schools are very enthusiastic about the idea and are keen to have us perform at their campus.

Vidya: How do you plan to take this forward?
Nandini: In the month of November, we will be officially launching this concept.  We will be inviting a host of schools to watch our performance on November 14, 2009 as part of the Children’s Day celebrations at ADA Rangamandira.  In the forthcoming year, the idea is to reach out to as many schools and children as we can, at their campus.


1. What is your explanation for the very moving incident at Govt. Film and Television Institute in which a person broke down to poignant tears during your playback performance of a story?
Ranji David (Artistic Director) Playback Theatre is a mirror.  A mirror that sometimes stares back into the tellers thoughts, filled with colors and emotions.   Sometimes a mirror is too much to take, a reality bite, esp when it is seen from a third person’s perspective.  This very aspect is the power of playback which heals and helps you deal with your own past.

 2. ‘Yours Truly @ Campus’ visited Alliance Business School. What was the experience of the Playback team performing for an audience which by itself was so impromptu?
Ranji David (Artistic Director) : Sometimes an audience gets pulled into a performance so much so that they start contributing along with the actors.  It is challenging for the actors yet very satisfying since you feel the mental line that divides an audience gets thinner in such a show.  Sometimes an actor feels it as an intrusion, but it all depends on the actor on stage, how he/she deals with it and how it impacts his/her mind.

 4. The butterflies at Govt. Orphanage for Girls found a well deserved break from cleaning Utensils and rooms. The girls were treated with a Saturday of YT SIGNS show.  For a while the world was beautiful again, wasn’t it?
Chetan Nagarajan (Organizer for Signs Show at Govt Orphanage): I would rather put it this way, the girls there were like these colourless butterflies who wanted to just fly away and see the beautiful varied range of colours of life. But they couldnt..The SIGNS show according to me managed to atleast show them the colours that they could only imagine from within. YT managed to show them a ray of hope by giving them a glimpse of what is beyond those closed doors that they live in. I myself can only hope that the SIGNS show gave them something to look forward to and live a positive life once they are out…I am sure i saw in the eyes of atleast a couple of them that they wanted to get on that stage themselves and that idea probably will keep them motivated.

 5. The SIGNS team was put to artistic work by reactions that trickled through youthful minds. Share your thoughts on the show at IPS School. 
Roopa (Show Manager for Signs at IPS): When we want something, the whole world conspires for it…..similarly the day was set for the show at IPS school. With the school bells ringing, the children rushing and hushing wiht their lovely giggles and voices, enjoyed the four stories. The show tickled their hearts more creatively proving that they are yet so pure like the mornign dew drop on a flower.

6. The way Deutsche Bank show turned out to be, why does a playback actor feel inclined to break the conventional boundaries of stage and fuse freely into audience space, much like in a street play?
Acharya (Show Manager for Deutsche Bank): As we know, playback is an interactive format where audience involvement is in the form of reactions, stories, inputs which are very significant. Taking this to another level where actor becomes a part of audience or in fact makes audience itself as a part of performance, this gives special feeling to audience. They feel much more connected to their reactions being played by an actor on the spot and gives them intimate experience.

An actor may also choose to shock the audience by breaking the conventional rules and by changing the acting space altogether. The character being played becomes alive as if one of the audience member were playing it and that feeling makes it beautiful.

7. What is the significance of having a juncture of an internal event such as YT- Punch Time? 
Nandini Rao (Artistic Director) : Yt punchtime was an internal event for all ytains. Its a great feeling for all of us to spend sunday evening just relaxing and learning a new concept. This time we had pramod who gave us tips of photography and radhika who took us through some make up concepts. 

8. Bhagwan Dhundoo, a YT latest production premiered on 6th Sept at Bangalore. What has been your search during the making of the play? 
Nandini Rao (Artistic Director): Bhagwaan Dundoo as a production has gone through many trasnformation and thats the beauty of this production. The play is about us, our lives which goes through these transformation all the time.
We had real hectic schedules for this production. The rehearsals was preceded by a long ensemble workshops where we devised many concepts and ideas which have been used in the production. We also had a Veena’s who did a dance and movement workshop for actors which helped use movements as part of the stage choreography. 
This play is unlike our other productions. It is collage of lot of experiences we go through which are known and few unknown yet we relate to them strongly as it touches some chord within. 

Post the show one audience said  ‘he has many questions to answer himself, after watching the play’. 

Ranji David (Artistic Director): A Search to push the limits and find a new language, a new physical and mental language.  A search for a new language of expression through Theatre.  To find a new connection.  To find a new high mentally, emotionally, and physically.  To find better connection between a story, an actor, and an audience.  In this play the actors’ sing, dance, and act; quite demanding for the actors but very exciting, it is in many ways an amalgamation.  The actors went through rigorous workshops to achieve the same.

9. The after effects of the Kairalee Nikethan Show were felt by the audience until several days on. What makes a YT playback show so memorable?
Vidya Samudrala (Actor for KNS Show): Playback theatre crosses all barriers – it can reach out to a myriad of audience be it any age group or culture and with the kairalee show, language was not a barrier at all.  The actors enacted the whole show in Kannada in a manner that the audience could relate to best.  The story that we got from the audience was about this girl who had a lot of constraints while teaching kids and overcame them with sheer courage and determination.  The actors depicted it in a way, bringing in perspectives that had just the right blend of mischief and maturity that deeply moved and reduced the narrator to tears.  The next day the actor, Pawan, who played the role of the narrator got a call from the girl saying that she was touched and most impressed by the portrayal of her character in her story.  This is the magic of playback. 

10. YT held a show ‘Making the change’, which involved post show discussions with the HR Team. What are your thoughts on initiatives started at YT to bring about change? 
Ranji David (Artistic Director) Lets look from an organization’s perspective.  If an organization is true to itself, willing and wanting to make a change, then many things move.  If they treat a show as “a show” then it remains just a show, not a change enabler.  I am sure our show made impacts into the very psyche of the audience that shared quite freely, and were quite willing to dig deep.  But what happens to an organization after the show needs to be seen, checked and monitored by the very people who asked for a “change enabling” show. 

 11. How did the SIGNS Team battle the drizzling mist to instill patriotic fervor amongst roughly 300 children of GVS School, on the occasion of Independence Day? 
Adarsh Srivastava (Show Manager for Independence Day Special): The show at GVS School saw an eclectic mix of two of the purest forms of expression known to mankind: A child’s laughter and a man’s expression of freedom. The SIGNS team signified this mix in their effortless but highly effective performance.

But it was not without our share of odds. To begin with, it had started drizzling. This forced us to shift our stage indoors only to realize that the acting stage was muddy and dirty. Some mats were quickly located and laid out. Oh! And now we didn’t have any support to put up our stage-backdrop. So our enthusiastic volunteers promptly stepped up to manually hold the backdrop with their hands…throughout the show! Such was the raw energy running in all of us…nothing was impossible.

Our actors hit the stage. And then, all the madness and noise stopped. As the violin crooned to the fluid emotions of the actors, the audience watched in baffled wonder. Until finally, YT’s rendition of “Vande Maataram” sent a bolt of patriotic fervor down the bodies of each person around. And what better reaction to this than the uninhibited shouts of enthusiasm from our young audience. It was a fine performance under pressure. It was fine organization under pressure. But that’s what we at YT do…we improvise. And we create magic. 

12. ATMA Show-Kairalee Nikethan Show, Two YT Playback shows on the same day and at the same time. How did this logistically difficult feat take place? 
Ashish Bhuwania(Show Manager for ATMA and KNS) For any feat to take place, the people involved have to be committed, willing and ready to face the worst case scenario. This difficult feat took place only because the entire team taking part had all the above mentioned qualities.
We were informed only a day before that we will be performing 2 shows at 2 different venues at the same time. I was appointed the Show Manager and Prakash was the Travel Manager. The teams for both the shows were divided and we were informed about which actor/volunteer will be participating in which show.
Our first and foremost criteria was to make sure all the participants of both the shows reach the venue on time with a proper arrangement of transport being done for them.
The show would have been difficult to manage if we did not have co-operation from the actors and volunteers, and I thank them all. Travel Manager, Prakash needs a special mention and a big THANK YOU for being there 24 hours, even though he had a very busy week that time. 

13. The ATMA show in many ways has been a complete Playback experience. Describe your recollections of the show?
Ashish Bhuwania(Show Manager for ATMA and KNS) The show dealt with the theme “Life at Campus”. The experiences the audience shared with us were mixed type, emotionally. If at one point we had to play a fun filled scene of kids playing, then we also had to enact a suicide scene, which is serious in nature. One thing, according to me that stood out was the way second team handled the story. The story was about how life moves on for a guy who loses his best friend to suicide just because he was scared of failure.



  1. As I read this … I recollect all the moments with YT, that have gone by …. the more I read the more larger my smile gets … 🙂

    Now I dont want to explain my smile in different superlatives 🙂 Should I ….

  2. Hi,

    This made up for a good read. Attended one of your shows last month, “Theatre Sports” and found Improv. theatre to be quite an interesting format to practice. Would love to indulge myself in the same sometime.

    Best of luck to your team.

    Piyush Agarwal

  3. Nicely written… ! loved “serious theatre ” 🙂
    Kudos to the ed team!

  4. very well compiled and edited. Great job and kudos to YT editor team!!!

    Fantastic way to cover whole quarter which was indeed an eventful period for YT.

  5. wow! this shows and reminds us how theater can really have an impact on people and their lives. so good to know all the experiences. great read!

  6. Hey , Well complied ..Kudos to the YT team .

  7. WOW!!! The connections are strong, and so are the thoughts from various angles…

  8. it’s always wonderful to read YT updates, all the good teamwork being done, everything. 🙂

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