5-Ness-10 (Jan – Mar)

Welcome to Five-Ness
Our First Quarterly Update between January – March 2010

Yours Truly Theatre’s Official Newsletter (giving you updates on our every quarter) 

For update on our Quarterly Update for last year click on 1-NESS, 2-NESS, 3-Ness, and 4-ness

This Edition Includes:

  • Quarterly Show Update
  • From a Diary
  • Nostalgic Fluids
  • Workshop Corner
  • YT Experiments
  • YT Testimonials

As we closed the year 2009 with 40 shows we enter into the first quarter of 2010.

In 2010 we look forward to performing for more diverse crowds.A quarter when Yours Truly Theatre moved into Alma.  A quarter when we celebrated the spirit of women with a Women’s Day Special

A quarter when we completed the 2nd show of our most recent production, Bhagwaan Dhundoo done in complete the story style, where the audience gets to end the play and that ending is then enacted by the actors on stage.

Shows in the Ist Quarter (Jan 2010 – March 2010)
6th Feb – Awake Arise at Makkala Jaggruti, Bangalore
As part of YTangle initiative13th February – Life @ Campus at IIIT-Bangalore
A show for the students of IIIT-B

20th February – Signs at Mothers Touch School, Jayanagar, Bangalore
The Signs team performed a series of short stories in complete the story style of theatre

21st Feb – Hullabaloo at the ALMA
A series of 4 short stories in Complete The Story format

27th February – Life @ Campus- at NITK-Suratkal
A show as part of the National Theatre Festival organized by National Institue of Technology

6th March – Women @ MLA College
A show as part of the Womens Day Special celebration

28th March – Bhagwaan Dhundoo at ADA Rangamandira
The 2nd Public show of BD

“The people are amazing, the program is very creative and much more than anything else what I like about this program is that it is very context sensitive, and you guys do an outstanding job.  What Yours Truly Theatre is doing is to contextualize the whole thing almost in real time so that when you leave you take the memories of the life along with you.  This alternate form of theatre is so compelling and so creative” :says Prof. Sadgopan, Director, IIIT-B about Life @ Campus

” I am very happy YT is growing so large as an organization,. Its a wonderful initiative they have taken up, coming to places like this, making theatre accessible to everyone- you bring theatre into our homes, and that’s wonderful”: says Madhu, Program Co-ordinator, Makkala Jagruti
“The whole idea of getting YT to our campus was to create awareness among students. YT impressed us with it’s unique form of interactive theatre. Very creative, very spontaneous and fun performance, we were impressed with the quality and creativity of the group” : says Jithin – NITK, President of Cultural Committee“Extremely creative and beautiful, the program was very effective and reached out to the audience understanding their situations and touching those area which students sometimes shy away in a forum, because Yours Truly Theatre works so closely with the youth you are able to understand the pulse of youth of today”  says Prof. Chandramma, Principal, MLA College about Womens Day special

“The symbolisms used in the play Bhagwan Dhundoo were so masterfully executed” says Prof. Prabhu, IIIT-B about Bhagwan Dhundoo

Article: Quest to Find God
Link: http://dc.deccanchronicle.com/tabloids/quest-find-god-497
Media: Deccan Chronicle – March 28, 2010


Chapter 12:  Then, What will

If theatre does not teach you to perform for the underprivileged then what will

If theatre does not teach you to be morally responsible to a society with your art work then what will

If theatre does not teach you to let go of your ego and have less of “me , myself ” then what will

If theatre does not teach you to travel on a spiritual journey of finding yourself then what will

If theatre does not teach you humility then what will

If theatre does not help you laugh out loudly & jump with joy like a small child then what will

If theatre does not help you break the masks you are wearing then what will

If theatre does not help you let go, let be and just let, then what will

If theatre does not teach you to be true to the art form then what will

If theatre does not teach you that “a spotlight is just momentary” then what will

If theatre does not teach you to let go of your flashy exterior then what will

Writer: Ranji

Workshop Show:  Sunday Brunch – Hullabuloo 
21st February– A Series of 4 short stories at the ALMA.
Four original short stories were presented in Complete the Story Format.

Workshop  Participant Feedback:
“…There is a change I have observed in me of late. I have started laughing aloud, that full throated laughter, emerging from a deep seated contentment. The same kind I had when I was younger, when life was simpler and pure. I choose to call it the YTeffect….” says Ameet Bhuvan >> click here to read more

Workshop  Participant Feedback:
” At YT, I learnt it’s not about ability but availability and humility, which is a great way for any workshop to function. So, even if I were the worst actor on stage, I still had folks telling me I did great.” says ‘Neha’ >> click here to read more

Yours Truly Theatre conducts workshop for people with no prior theatre experience, if you are keen to join our caravan (travel and grow along with us), feel free mail us at yourstrulytheatre@gmail.com

Editors: “Alma” tell us more about it
For a theatre group a space is all about freedom. Alma has given the that. A space to expand, a place to fly.

From a cow-shed to a car-garage to a school-classroom to finally a self-owned Studio.  I guess it talks about only one thing.  Our comittment to theatre.  Yes it is definitely a dream come true.  To sing, dance, scream and run around on a big playground with complete freedom is something I guess is synonomous with an artist. An artist = Freedom.  A space in which an artist works also shows in his/her art work as well, it surely will. 

Editors: Womens Special Show done for over 400 women only, must have been special?
It was one of those shows where the thin line of audience and actors starts to diminish, the energy from audience rubs onto actors and vice-verse and it reaches a crescendo of energy and feeling of oneness. There were lot of hidden feelings and issues which came out, most of them to do with adolescence, worry about looks, dealing with inferiority complex, wanting to overcome society and religious boundaries and the need for freedom.
These issues which came out in this forum more freely,  possibly because of a girl college environment, they were free to express. What is heartening to see was that the principal and teachers are aware of these and they act like a guide to these girls rather than “teachers or profs”. 

Editors: Traveling to NIT-K Suratkal for a Theatre Festival was quite a task eh?
When we get invited to Theatre Festivals we are more free compared to our other shows.  The audiences at NIT-K were in for a unique experience of interactive theatre in its purest form. The youth participated greatly and realized that theatre has gone beyond the scripted work. One of those platforms to showcase our work to the youth.   

Editors: Any experience at Mallaka Jagruti.
A small boy with a  huge spectacle stands up in middle of the performance, wanting to see more of the show, wanting to absorb every moment of performance. The same enthusiasm and excitement was present in all children present there, across all age groups as they all sat cosily in a room decorated with hand made paintings. What we took back from the show was smiles and laughter of the all the children and a promise that we will return to them soon. The makala jagriti team is doing a wonderful job of exposing children to various forms of art.Special thanks to Madhu.

Editors: Performance at IIIT-B, take us through the experience
At educational institutions the support by the higher management makes it a wholesome experience.  If the higher authorities are involved with us then we can begin to do our transformational work.  Prof. Sadgopan has been extremely motivating and encouraging, we are proud that we are now moving into Phase Two with IIIT-B  

Editor: What was the experience of putting up the Signs Show at Mother’s Touch School
  300 odd kutti (tiny) eyes waiting to watch a YTangle performance. The stage was set, all school children sat in their Saturday school uniforms, transitioning into world of songs, characters, interactions, ideas to solve the problem on stage, in world of fantasy. The youngest ones from 2nd or 3rd std were most excited to contribute their ideas, even if solution meant ‘ eat green vegetables’ to reach back home when lost if city. After a whole one hr sessions, children refused to get up as they wanted more.

 The teachers were most excited to see how simple theatre, storytelling and interaction with children made a vast difference from class room sessions. Principal told us, that bigger schools to get lot of exposure, however small schools like ours, children need more of exposure to art and theatre.


  1. My Fav part is “Then, What will” and simple yet true statement – An artist = Freedom.
    It inspires me to be follow my dreams 🙂
    COOL article.

  2. This is grt. Thank you for sharing. Liked the entire update waiting to hear for more 🙂 Great going Yours Truly Theatre 🙂

  3. Good going editors! I like the pic for the quarter. who can believe that there are people underneath the sheet?:)

  4. This really nice, loved reading all esp “then, what will” it is thought provoking.

  5. GREAT JOB!!! YOURS TRULY EDITORIAL TEAM has brought out a superb read. cant wait for the next “ness”

  6. Good job. Loved the ‘what will’

  7. Congrats to Editors for putting up a fantastic read !! Enjoyed reading each section !! cool design 🙂

  8. Great Job…. YT team…. Absolutely loved the ‘what will…… Keep it up Ranjit!!!
    Keep rocking!!!!!!

  9. Nice stuff. Great read. greetings.

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