8-Ness-10 (Oct – Dec)

Welcome to Eight-Ness, our Third Quarterly Update between October – December 2010

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For update on our Quarterly Update for the year

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2009 – 1-Ness to 4-Ness
2010 – 5-Ness to 8-Ness

From the Editors’ Desk
The fourth quarter of 2010 was packed with 13 shows and 2 outside knowledge sessions for our members.

This was a quarter when we performed for the Media College, then performed for government school children, and orphanage, and then  continued our rigor with Bhagwan Dhoondo with the 5th public show done in complete the story style, where the audience gets to end the play and that ending is then enacted by the actors on stage.

The quarter and the year ends in the last few shows with a bang for public shows when we were invited to open 2 theatre festivals.  The last show of the year was the most special one for the kids of Krishna Orphanage on the Christmas Day. Check out other features the Best one thought is by Bharavi, the best review is by Dushyanth. The best workshop testimonial is by Dian.

 Shows in the 4th Quarter (October 2010 – December 2010)

9th Oct – Signs at ALMA
A series of short stories for children at ALMA

9th Oct – Life @ Campus at INMS
A series of short stories for children at ALMA

10th Oct – Gibberu at ALMA
A series of 4 gibberish short stories at ALMA

17th Oct – Life @ Campus at Hotel Ashoka
A playback theatre performance for students of Wilson College

23rd Oct – Signs at SSB School, Indiranagar
A series of short stories for children

30th Oct – High School Stories at MSS School, KR Road
A series of short stories for children

31th Oct – A Beautiful Mind at NIMHANS
A playback theatre performance educating the importance of Mental Health celebrating
World Mental Health Day.

21st Nov – Bhagwan Dhoondo at ADA Rangamandira
The 5th public performance of BD

11th December – Anubhav at Ananya
A special show for the under-privileged Children

13th December – Life at a Theatre Festival at Alliance Franchaise
YT opens the National Theatre Festival “Admit One” of NLS

18th December – Saturday Sizzilers at ALMA
A series of short stories for the Youth using interactive theatre

20th December – Life @ Campus at IIT-Mumbai
YT performs at the opening night of Mood-Indigo Festival, slated as the Largest Festival in Asia.

25th December – Christmas Special at Sri Krishna Ashram
An interactive theatre performance for the children at the orphanage.

Theatre Festival Testimonials
“It was one amazing show, we are proud that we invited you guys, we were awe struck with your show, great mix of comedy, seriousness, and amazing show visuals ” says Amit K, YT show Organizer, Mood Indigo 2010, IIT-Mumbai

” Spectacular opening by Yours Truly Theatre….” says Radika, NLS Team

“…. with this performance, YoursTrulyTheatre won our all hearts, once again ……” says Swetha, Festival Co-ordinator, Admit One

Bhagwaan Dhoondo Show Testimonials

“ Excellent show, saw a meaningful play after a very long time.. “ says Ruchi Kulhari

Kudos to the team of YT-BD for the wonderful performance yesterday. The tickle to the funny bone was a value add to the whole show “ …says Suriya Subbiah

Bhagwan Dhundoo was an AMAZING play! …says Srividya Srinivas

I attended BD, it was a gr8 experience .You all did a fatabulous job, it was an exhilarating, spine chilling drive throughout the show and i had goosebumps all most all the time-towards end of the story as well as the begining. I must admit lots of physical efforts go in, I could see it live. Great job am gonnaa gungh…o about your show from now on. All the Best…says Firdaus Fathima

“.. Excellent Play folks, immensely enjoyed all variants, U folks showed amazing energy. Most important thing is you folks performance out casted the “Whose line is it any way” I must say that. Great job keep up the good work “…. says Rajesh radhakrishnan

Loved u guys !!! Rocking!!! And the Music touched my soul !!! .. says Aswathi Pillai 

Theatrewallah’s Speak

“The first full weekend I was in India we traveled to Bangalore to work with the Yours Truly Theatre Company. The company invited us to come and aid them to hone their Playback Theatre and Psychodrama skills. When we began to work with them, we were simply awed by their creativity and artistry. Indeed, by the end of the weekend we weren’t certain who had been teaching whom.  Yours Truly is a deeply socially engaged theater company.….” Says Michael Watson, Theatre Practitioner,  Psychotherapist, Shamanistic Healing

” Really enjoyed the performance by yours truly at the Admit One Festival ” Says Chanakya Vyas, Actor, Indian Ensemble


Group Feature:
Date: December, 18, 2010
Link: http://www.hindu.com/2010/12/18/stories/2010121859390200.htm

Chapter 40:  Criticism & Creativity in Theatre

The Thought

If we analyze our society most of our forefathers lived and died by rules.
This old way of thinking continues to seep into art and thus have an impact on it as well.

Where-ever creativity thrives there is bound to be a few critics (usually the ones abiding by rules.)

For creativity to survive, thrive, and flourish; criticism in the form of a rule is most definitely a creativity killer.

If in a group we want creativity to flourish then there needs to be an environment that would let it to not only flourish but also take different shapes. Freedom is important.

The Impact
Most Rule followers hate creativity, because creativity is fundamentally based on rule breaking.

Now what is the impact of this in theatre.  I guess we will see those theater doers who stick by the rules in theatre typically dislike the rule breakers simply because the rule breakers constantly break rules and sometimes thrive on breaking rules.  Now why is this point so important in the present context. This fact is very important simply for the progression of theatre in Bangalore.  If  theatre directors, actors and all other specialist are all Rule followers then they most definitely are creating a system of rules.  Imagine the fate of a theatre group if auditoriums owners are also rule followers, then the actual ” struggle ” begins for rule breakers.

If theatre has to strive and flourish then it is up to the creative thinkers.  Otherwise we will keep watching plays which looks and feels ancient in its presentation and outlook; which are essentially built on rules.

Imagine, if a reviewer who reviews a play is also a rule follower. WOW what a system.

Which brings to the next point.  who is supposed to review and critique a play. Lets observe this briefly.

Criticism as a course

In our primary educational system so far there were no formal art appreciation courses  or awareness programs done in schools and colleges, hence awareness of painter, sculptors and their art work is almost non-existential.  Thus some people are unaware. Maybe their world does not require that kind of art awareness. In a place like Bangalore, the IT capital, art awareness is very badly required.  However since literature is part of our curriculum hence Hemmingway, Dickens, etc are commonly heard and thus people are aware.  However in pure Art, names and art works are unheard and thus people are unaware; I guess the problem is systemic.

In India some of the professional courses called Art History Criticism are now being renamed as Art and Aesthetics.  One wonders, the roles of these folks who have studied art criticism, in a society like ours, and their contribution.

Theatre critique has a very vital role to play in a system like ours, it is a contribution.

Art critique is a discipline.

In the yesteryears a critic had the power to bless an artist with his words, without even being part of the work and without even understanding the depth of the work by the artist.

Critics are not just word maker but collaborators in the production of meaning. Maybe if there are good number of art critics then art thrives. Maybe.

Writer: Ranji

Workshop Show:  Gibberu
10th October
– A Series of 4 short stories done in Gibberish at the ALMA.
Four original short stories were presented in Complete the Story Format.

Workshop  Participant Feedback:
“ I refused to take a more lazy nap at home with a comfortable feeling which I believe would take me to experience heavenly dreams and even fantastic, for joining my first drama workshop ever ….” says Dian  to read more click here

Yours Truly Theatre conducts workshop for people with no prior theatre experience, if you are keen to join our caravan (travel and grow along with us), feel free mail us at yourstrulytheatre@gmail.com


Jen Kristel

Editors: Jennie, Micheal, Evan, the last quarter of 2010 was quite an eventful one?

Evan Hastings

Nandini: It was an honor to spend substantial amount of time with our mentors .  Jennie and

Micheal are wonderful people and being with them itself is a learning experience. We got trained in psychodrama and sociometry. It was an eye opener to know how much of it is applied directly in playback theatre and other formats of work we do. Jennie is a great teacher, extremely patient, calm and composed.  It was real honor to have them with us. They have promised to visit us more often. We are totally looking forward for it. Evan Hasting is a highly enthusiastic; his experience in Theatre of oppressed is wide and intense.  We had intense session on forum theatre and hip hop theatre. Also we had the priviledge of watching Gender Shadow show, performed by his team.  He is down to earth and loves his work, its exciting to work with people like Evan.

Ranji: Firstly, we are honored to have our mentors amongst us doing workshops.  Each and every one of them are special to us.  I have been saying this from the start that it is quite important that we understand and learn perspectives that are quite unique to us.  The only way to progress is to continue learning.  this initiative helps us re-kindle our spirit to learn and also ensure that we don’t end up being frogs in a well assuming “this” is the only way to work in theatre. Over the period of years, it has become a culture in YT to host a facilitator from outside India.  The members need to constantly empty their cups.  We cannot afford to have cups filled.

Editors: Life at a Theatre Festival at Alliance Franchaise by NLS , take us through this.
The experience of performing the opening act of the “National Theatre Festival : Admit one” organized by NLS at Alliance Franchaise, was a rich experience. “Life at a Theatre Festival” a playback performance by Yours Truly Theatre was true in every sense of the phrase. We took a lesser known path that day, a path of exploring the happiness, joy, reality and zeal of being in a theatre community. As in any Playback performance, the audience is a major part of the show, and this time our audience comprised of theatre enthusiasts, among them sat Arundhati Nag, who also inaugurated the event and gave a humbling speech.
I bet the audience had a unique experience of introspecting their passion and to share ‘khatti meethi’ stories of their journey called theatre. The audience was gripped to their seats right from Ranji’s “Lets Watch”, and more curious audiences trickled into the auditorium as the performance progressed. A young director who had come all the way from Delhi for the fest, came forward to share her group’s experience of putting up a play. I’m sure the director along with her group enjoyed every bit of their own story enacted by the YT team, for it resulted in a lot of cheers, giggles, awe’s and finally a standing ovation. The judge for the festival shared her conflict, which after watching YT perform, became an emotional moment that overwhelmed her, and which saw her breaking down. Well that’s the power Playback Theatre for you folks! The Yours Truly opening act for Admit One ended with a final fluid and a bow, resulting in another standing ovation and the audience thoroughly enjoying a slice out of their own lives.

Ranji:  when we did a sociometry we realized the crowd was largely the population that did theatre.  From there on “the journey” only began.  It was a unique experience performing to young theatre practitioners, the pain areas were all similar.  To connect to audiences in this show wasn’t a task, however, the dramaturgy needed to be high.  At the end when the audience gave us a standing ovation, theatre was the winner.


Editors: Life @ Campus at IIT-Mumbai, Mood indigo was a unique experience with the show starting at 11:30 in the night.

Sumit: Mood Indigo is annual festival or I should say carnival in IIT Mumbai. It is recognized as the biggest college fest in Asia. We performed at around 11:30 in the night and show crossed mid night clock with a huge roar of applauses and laughters. But as they say, Mumbai never sleeps, that night also it didn’t sleep and it was almost 400+ crowd in 300 seater audi. People were sitting on floors, standing at the gates, wherever they could find the place they got them settled. Thanks to Organizers that stage was empty for us to perform :).

Crowd was highly interactive, energetic but patient and silent when performance was on. Right from the first word, crowd was in splits and laughter. Our conductor of the show Ranji did brilliant job in interacting with such highly enthusiastic audience in a packed theatre arena. It was magical fusion of creativity, lights, music, projections, actors and audience. One of the things that struck me was the power of conflict section in playback theatre style. Though representation of conflict performed by actors was comical but it had deep impact on the students.

Editors: Performing “High School Stories” for 300 Children at MSS must have been a unique experience, post that was the show at NIMHANS, two shows on a single day

Ameet: To say the last saturday was awesome, is a gross understatement infact the entire month of october has been one thrilling journey of self discovery and bonding at Yt 🙂 This sat’s show stands out since it was my first performance under “lights” , a totally different and new experience. the standing ovation was a cherry on the cake! at a very personal level the show left a deep seated warmth of satisfaction, satisfaction of being a lil less nervous than the last time, satisfaction at having enjoyed going with the flow along with the wonderful team, satisfaction of having lesser voices in my head telling me i am goofing up while on stage  and most importantly a satisfaction of knowing that as an actor, as a theatre enthusiast, as a person, whose journey has just begun, mere pass thoda hai, aur thode ki zaroooorat hai

the evening show, at Nimhans, stands out for another reason, that of enjoying the pure bliss of setting up a show at the venue. like bees in a beehive, like ants in an anthill, every single person took charge and in no time, the caravan was ready , set to enthrall and engage. And enthrall the actors did the session post this , a freewheeling chat with the YT mentors, was stimulating, putting in perspective the power and responsibility that playback brings with it !

if only every day was like the saturday that went by! if only every month was like October that went by

Ranji: It was our honour that the Karnataka Clinical Psychologist Association had invited us to perform at the NIMHANS to celebrate World Mental Health day. The show show not only had pyschologists, psychiatrists, and patients, but also other audiences who came to participate in this interactive theatre perfromance which re-emphasized the need for mental health awareness.  Before the show an eminent doctor from NIMHANS did a presentation on “The Human Brain”, which was very insightful. The show was another feather in the YT cap.



  1. lovely edition! kudos to all 🙂 am looking back at BD after a long gap of about 6 months!! the pics look marvelously enchanting, the memories all seem so fresh!! zoomed back into ADA on the sound console and my laptop 😀

    Love every bit of this, its like a mini capsule of energy, a time machine that zooms us back into the future!!

  2. Phenomenal read! wonderful moments captured. Thanks editors for bringing out wonderful edition. 🙂

  3. It is fantastic insight about the happenings@YT in the last eventful quarter of 2010. Great job by Editors

  4. ! year passed in YT..Never knew how it flew by.. Feels so good when I start counting the activities that took place in YT 🙂

    Really enjoying being part of this group 🙂
    Proud to be at MY ALMA 🙂

  5. The fact that rules are always meant to be broken is very much true for a Improv Theatre artist as if they dont then they are missing a true ingredient of connect witht normal human tendency. The most disciplined human is definitely hiding/suppressing the child in him who actually is the creative element.

    very well written Ranji… 🙂

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