10-Ness-11 (Apr-Jun)

Welcome to Ten-Ness, our second Quarterly Update between April – June 2011

Yours Truly Theatre’s Official Newsletter (giving you updates on our every quarter) 

For update on our Quarterly Update for the year

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This Edition Includes:

  • Quarterly Show Update
  • YT Testimonials
  • From a Diary
  • Nostalgic Fluids
  • Workshop Corner
  • YT Experiments

From the Editors’ Desk
The second  quarter of 2011 was packed with unique performances, the highlight being  a series of performances on the writings of Tagore called “A Tribute to Tagore”. A performance on change management for Puma and 2 outside knowledge sessions for our members. A quarter when we continued with our current production Common Man ver2.0.

A quarter when we also performed the Black Rainbow Project at SRM School of the Blind.

In the other sections Vishal Bhandhary, Varun Mathur, and Mithila Athresh do a Nostalgia of the quarter, while Devshree dabbles her pen with her  one thoughts, click here> . Sunny and Gaurav takes us through their experiences of being click here > part of the Basic Theatre Workshop.  Ameet Bhuvan does a review of BD in an unusual Pattern to read more click here

You can click on the show images for a larger version of the picture. Happy readings !!!

Shows in the Second Quarter (April 2011 – June 2011)

24th April – CommonMan Ver2.0  at ADA RangaMandira
Theatre production done in Complete The Story Theatre Style

1st May – Rascals at ALMA
A series of 4 short stories done in CTS format

7th May – Parrot’s Training at Spastics Society of Karnataka
Done in Complete the Story style, where the spastic children got to end the last few scenes of the story by Tagore which was then enacted out by the actors Impromptu

8th May – Tribute to Tagore at ALMA
Parrot’s Training, Post Office, Kabuliwala, & presentations of Tagore’s work

13th May – Seasons Change at Puma
An Interactive Theatre performance on Change Management.

14th May –High School Stories at Prerana
Prerana is an NGO that helps academically brilliant students from under-privileged backgrounds. The interactive theatre performance was around stories from High School of resilience, grit, and determination.

15th May – Tribute to Tagore at ALMA
With 3 short stories performed, presentations from Tagore’s life and discussions to mark the 150th Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore.

4th June – Black Rainbow Project at SRMAB Academy of the Blind
An interactive Theatre performance for around 150 Children. The event was covered by PRI’s The World, BBC, and  National Radio USA.

26th June – TwentyOnes at ALMA
A series of 4 short stories done in CTS style of theatre

” CMver2.0 was a Super show! This was my first@yourstrulytheatre and a truly awesome experience. Congratulations Team – great effort, keep going!…says Ruchita Patel

” It was a awesome performance. i dint get to express myself to all whole caste, which i so badly wanted to, but nonetheless, great job.my time couldn’t have been put into better use. Thank you all for that “… says Shyama Nair about CMVer2.0

” Nice show it was! What i esp liked was the way the scenes were depicted… the usage of different colored umbrellas to depict different aspirations, the blind fold, the shadows…. The Music!!!It was a very good experience! Congratulations! “…. says Sunny Thakwani about CMVer2.0

“ the play CommonManVer2.0 was awsome , it gave a clear picture of everyday life style of an individual,  I liked the sets and props were used in every scene  and music was amazing  it gave mood to enjoy and it enhanced the moods the protagonist was feeling …overall it was an awesome show i really enjoyed the show….” says  Sharadha Rachana

“ Beautiful  was the Common Man version 2.0 show yesterday. The amazing light for each scene created a magic to the audience, the brilliant shadows that formed on the backdrop totally gave a rocking show. I was definitely speechless watching every scene that combined all of these, everything was totally awesome…… “ says Rupa

” Yesterday’s Common Man ver 2.0 was a Brilliant performance. Perfect lighting, and Use of light-shadow, music, theme, costumes, props, all were good, loved d performances and Enjoyed the Show… 🙂 🙂 “  says Yogesh Parutappa Sajjan


Group Feature:  Interactive and Participatory Theatre
Media: Indian Express
June 22nd, 2011
Link: http://tinyurl.com/6chcv89

Article: OMG! it can’t be
Individual Feature:
Media: Deccan Chronicle
Date: April 3rd, 2011
Link:   http://tinyurl.com/6xoaos3

Article: Electric Huduga’s are here
Individual Feature:
Media: Deccan Chronicle
Date: April 22nd, 2011

Article: Sense and Sexuality
Individual Feature:
Media: Deccan Chronicle
Date: May 16th, 2011
Link: http://tinyurl.com/6lx3cwl

Group Feature:  Drama Roll Begins
Media: Deccan Chronicle
June 30th, 2011
Link: http://tinyurl.com/3mvqbdl

Group Feature:  When all the world, including your seat, is a stage.
Media: The Hindu
Date: June 21, 2011
Link: http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Bangalore/article2121071.ece

Chapter 210:  In Conversation with Bretch – Part Two

Ranji: How exactly did your journey into Epic Theatre Begin?
Bretch: While working on the play “joe Fleischhacker”, which I never completed and I was also doubling as a producer when I suffered a kind of “work accident”.  Yes, the planned play was not written, instead I began to read Marx, really to read Marx for the first time. For the first time my own scattered practical experiences and impressions took on real life. I proceeded from this position and developed my theory on the epic theatre into a new understanding of the function of art and literature. The person in the audience was “no longer merely a consumer, they also had to become productive. Without the audience as a collaborator the performance was only half-done.

Ranji: Excellent that is exactly the starting point for us at YT,  this is exciting ?
Bretch:  Yes, the essential point of the epic theare is perhaps that it appeals less to the feelings than to the spectator’s reason. Instead of sharing an experience the spectator must come to grips with things.  at the same time it would be quite wrong to try and deny emotion to this kind of theatre. It would be much the same thing as trying to deny emotion to modern science.

Ranji: The actors always score great successes in your plays are your satisfied with them?
Bretch: No I am not.
Ranji Is it because they act badly
Bretch:No, because they act wrongly
Ranji How should they act then?
Bretch:For an audience of the scientific age
Ranji what does that mean?
Bretch: Demonstrating their knoweldge
Ranji: Knoweldge of what?
Bretch: Of human relations, of human behaviour, and of human capacities

Ranji : Epic Theatre and the start of the journey toward The Alienation Effect
Bretch: It is very close to the movement known as Neue Sachlickeit, it was a new realism bearing a socialistic flavour. Verfremdungseffect (alienation) was to make the spectator adopt an attitude of enquiry and criticism in his approach to the incident shown on the stage. During the exile I watched the great chinese actor Mei Lang Fang, the use of suggestive properties, performer’s observation as an artful act of self alienation that stopped the spectator from losing himself in the character completely and lent a splendid remoteness to the event. The audience identified itself with the actor as being an observer, and accordingly developed his attitude of observing and looking on. In other words, the aesthetic distance that the oriental artist created between him and his character is closely termed as Alienation Effect. This concept eventually became the cornerstone for Epic Theatre.

Ranji: Sounds exciting
Bretch: Remember the A-effect cannot be implemented in the acting until the element is incorporated in the text itself.

Ranji: Very often we’ve noticed the making and breaking of illusions can be done through experience, since the audience is part of the phenomenon. Svendborgstrand was an interesting phase?
Bretch: Yes, my house became a gathering place for refugees from the Nazi. Amoung the visitors were Hanns and Lou Eilser, and many others, the Hitler fascists were the focal point of all discussions, plans, and activities and the period of 1933 saw the fascists use my literature as a pretext for depriving me of my citizenship.  All my possessions which I owned were confiscated.

Ranji: Our journey with Moreno, Bretch, Boal, Fox is a cycle which we go through very often in yourstrulytheatre and this requires tremendous closed workedness, a sense of teamwork to see where our work progresses.
Bretch: Well for theatre, teamwork is the prerequisite for any productive work and above all if this work is intended to produce variety, and it does not come by talking but by working together on a joint cause.

…….. the conversation continues …….

Workshop Show: Rascals
30th June – A Series of 4 short stories done in Gibberish at the ALMA.
Four original short stories were presented in Complete the Story Format.

Workshop  Participant Feedback: it helped me to ‘open up’. To let go of the inhibitions and have faith that things will somehow turn out to be well... says Sunny along with Gaurav, both who travelled from Mangalore to Bangalore every weekend to be a part of this theatre workshop (click here to read more)

Yours Truly Theatre conducts workshop for people with no prior theatre experience, if you are keen to join our caravan (travel and grow along with us), feel free mail us at yourstrulytheatre@gmail.com

Editors: Take us through your experience of the Tagore’s play “Parrot’s Training” which opened at the spastic society of karnataka
Vishal Bhandary:  Sure, In the midst of obtrusive Bengaluru traffic, IPL blitzkrieg and Osama saturation by ‘tabloid‘ish news channels, the parrot flew to a new and unexplored vacuum. It had absolutely no idea, as this was its first time at such a place. A beautiful place it was, with trees and flowers unaffected as time was still, and there was no hurry. The dirt on the ground was cold by the shadows of the trees, fresh and undisturbed.  At first anxiety struck, such that the parrot wanted to leave immediately due to unfamiliarity, wondering if it could survive in vacuum. But something told the parrot that it will grow in this new place. It started flying from one tree to another exploring the vacuum. It pecked at the many fruits scattered on the ground, only to find them hollow. Curious and petrified it pecked another fruit, finding it too, hollow. Now what could be the reason. Then slowly it realized it had been pecking at the ego of man. It thought, at first, that the place had no life. The parrot shook its head vigorously and fluffed its feathers around its eyes to see clearly. The vacuum suddenly rose to life. The parrot saw brilliant colors, many rare flowers, fragrance brimming from each. Each of these flowers was unique and had beautiful stems which swayed like they were dancing to a breeze, which never existed. The parrot thought, but how can they sway in vacuum. The parrot went to each flower and played. Happy to have met so many colorful flowers, the parrot twitched its beak and screeched joyfully. The flowers nodded in unison.  The parrot had lost track of time and wanted to stay in the vacuum. It wanted to play more. But it had to return home for its formal training. The parrot took a deep breath, squatted and propelled itself up, soaring high. With its wings spread wide, now laden with the scent of flowers, the parrot looked down at the trees, the flowers and the fallen hollow fruits. It absorbed one last look of the vacuum, and smiled at the thought of coming back.

Varun Mathur:  I could also add, you know that weekend was amazing for me. I always try to learn more and more as I believe that you don’t forget what you learn from life. And last weekend was like  jumping into a sea of learning. It was the 150th birthday of Ravindranath Tagore, the poet,novelist,story writer, painter and many more. We decided to celebrate his birthday in our Alma. We also got an opportunity to perform at the spastic society for which we all practiced a lot, worked hard, sweated from every part of our body and finally came up with “Parrot story”.  On Saturday, dressed in our colorful kurtas, we reached the Spastic society. We arrived at the midst of the children’s performance. We got the opportunity to see the performances of the Spastic children and it was an amazing experience for me. Their performance was fabulous and words fail me to describe the performance that unfurled before my eyes . I felt fortunate to see the children perform despite their inabilities. They danced, acted, sang and even enacted a few our own machine movements.   I was excited to see this and felt nervous as we had to be extremely sensitive to these children. Vishal did a fabulous job I say, communicating with those children and connecting them to us. Then we performed on the stage. Initially, I was feeling nervous but when I saw children laughing, I got the confidence and we performed our show. When it was time to  “Complete the story”,they gave their opinions. It was heartening to see that they think exactly like us and rather I should say much beyond us. They gave the education system more importance as they believed that the education system could make them stronger and help them in every part of their life.

We completed the story and the met Vipin who was the son of the principal. Vipin is a spastic and works for a company. He worked in dramas and told us about how he felt about our show. He described how he continues to fight to learn despite all odds and struggles. Being a slow learner, he took time to learn things but that didnt stop him and his will and perseverance to learn has made him successful now. And unlike us, he does not crib when a problem arises or blame the Gods, but he sees life for what it s and enjoys it thoroughly, making him an inspiration to all of us.

Editors: Tell us more about the preparations towards the The Black Rainbow project, it was your first time right, so how was it.
Mithila Athresh:
  Is ” Black ” just another color to all of us ? Why is black associated with negativity most of the time ? Why is black used to depict evil or bad things ?  I had and still have so many questions than thoughts running in my mind after the black rainbow rehearsals. What must be going on in the minds of those who have no sight from birth ? This is the first thing that struck me when we started rehearsing.   Initially, when we all blind folded ourselves , i was very uncomfortable and thought this was not something i could do. I know the importance of vision in our lives and the way it makes us look at life and that was being covered. After a few minutes of being blind folded, i became blank and took me a while to wake up and respond to the surrounding. I started listening more attentively, i started moving more carefully, i started responding more spontaneously. We as a team were still able to achieve what we wanted to do even though we were blind folded. The kind of coordination that happened was amazing and we were almost reading each other’s minds .  People who are blind by birth or lose their vision due to an incidence in their life still lead as long a life as you and I lead or maybe even longer, they go to work like any one of us , they study like we do, they have families like also of us do , they value life maybe more than we do.   YT’s initiative of the black rainbow project for me is somewhere also to unveil and value our own lives and understand life from a blind person’s view. Its about adding different colors to the ” Black rainbow ” , to make it more interesting. Its not about looking at Black as anything negative but as another color which adds to everyone’s life.



  1. amazing 🙂 loved every bit of i t:)

  2. Have been following u guys since its inception wonderful job and considering the theaters have struggled a lot to sustain the transitions through technologically advancements in entertainment, kudos to your spirit and efforts…would love to be a part of this amazing team 🙂 Cheersss!!!!!!!

  3. Loved every section of this newsletter, YTness, gets better with each edition and every quarter. Keep rolling these guys, Good Job YT editors, for compiling this lot. Yours Truly Theatre, carry on the noble work 🙂

  4. Did not even realize that time has passed so fast. Awesome composition, loved reading it, was more like traveling through my past 🙂

  5. Fantastic journey. Would love to be in your team…..

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