11-Ness-11 (Jul-Sep)

Welcome to Eleven-Ness, The Third Quarterly Update between July – September 2011

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This Edition Includes:

  • Quarterly Show Update
  • YT Testimonials
  • From a Diary
  • Nostalgic Fluids
  • Workshop Corner
  • YT Experiments

From the Editors’ Desk
The third  quarter of 2011 saw a range of activities at Yours Truly Theatre, right from the 6th show of Bhagwaan Dhoondo to performing for students at the Garden City College.  We also experienced a special OK session by Wing Commander Srinath who clubbed Theatre and the Armed forces for a session and Nirmala Bindu who shared and let the YT”ians shake a leg or two. The most exciting show was the first every show by the Yours Truly Theatre classes Children called Gen-YT who showcased Kidology – Part 1 an improv theatre performance. we went on to IIT-Delhi for a spectacular show at the campus and we complete the quarter with Bangaluruholic, an interactive theatre performance on the life at Bangalore.

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Shows in the 3rd  Quarter (July 2011 – September 2011)

24th July – Bhagwaan Dhoondo  at ADA RangaMandira
6th show done in Theatre production done in Complete The Story Theatre Style

7th August – OK session by Wing Commander Srinath
A workshop understanding the thin line between theatre and the Armed Forces

15th August – “Freedom is.. ”
An interactive theatre performance about freedom at Yours Truly ALMA

22nd August – OK session with Nirmala Bindu
A workshop on understanding Dance and the Drama that exists in our lives

27th August – Life at Campus at Garden City
An interactive theatre on stories of students in a college

28th August – Kidology – Part 1 at ALMA
A pure improvisational theatre performance by the children of Yours Truly Theatre

3rd September – Life @ Campus at Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media
An interactive theatre on stories of students in a college

11th September – Truly Tapori
A workshop show involving 4 short stories done in CTS Format

24th September – Life @ Campus at IIT-Delhi
An interactive theatre performance on life at campus

25th September – Bangaloruholic at ADA Rangamandira
An interactive theatre on stories of Bangalore

Below are testimonials for Bhagwaan Dhoondo:
” The play was just fantastic, it got back memories when I was a child and
bits and pieces reminded me of things what I went thru when I was growing
up…This play has made a lot of difference in my life and a BIG thank
you to YOU and your TEAM. I wish it went on for a longer time however, I
do understand about the time constrains…If you ask me I would have
chosen either IDENTITY or PASSION…during this play there were so many
instances where I just wanted to just stand up and clap…Truly Fantastic…“ .says Burgess choksey

The show was absolutely flawless ……… I have no words to express my feeling … but all i can say is awesome… says Aashish Jagini

That was a great show…what an energy levels the performers have..all the very best for your future endeavors..Keep Going.. says Mani Kumar

It was the best evening I could ever spend. It was simple and touching…the humor, dialogues, the theme were contemporary and superb. It was a mind-blowing performance. May you offer more to this world…. Says Aaron Watson

Fantabulous show, great performance by all the actors, good lighting and amazing music, I was completely drenched by the time I reached the how but it was completely worth. looking forward for many such shows says Kamesh Vedula

Amazing show and hats off to all the actors special mention for the lights and music team too says Archana Hegde

The show was fantastic and very inspirational and i have ever watched a show like that with fabulous cheer and hilarious dialogues!!!!!!!!! Excited to watch your future shows!!!! says Sandeep Reddy

The show was excellent….that was the first show i have seen….and i am happy that first play i have seen was an excellent show……the lighting work was simply superb….. says Vijay Kiran

the show was fabulous..amazing work … says Syed Ismail Ahamed

hi to all the team members ..your play was just awesome.glad i made it in-spite of rain or else i would have missed something very good and enlightening … says Sudhir Kumar

Group Feature:  Say ‘The End‘
Media: Times of India
July 24th, 2011
Link: http://tinyurl.com/6tnhba2

Group Feature: Improv taking shape in India
August 23, 2011
Type: Audio Documentary: 

Chapter 220:  The Actor’s EGO – Part 2 [ Birth & Death of The Ego]

Typical Case of a Hero
“you look like a hero, you should be in movies”
“you are a star, you should be in Bollywood ”

yes, there are people who get this kind of feedback and get into theatre to become a “hero /heroine” and then use theatre as a stepping stone to get into a movie. With their tails up, thanx to their friends and relatives who have boosted their EGO. So a performer with this kind of “socially-induced false EGO” already comes with a lot of biases and baggage’s into theatre. You can only imagine what he/she will learn. It is easy to analyze where this hero is headed 5 years down the lane.

Typical Case of a non-Hero
It is so fascinating to observe an actor who begins his/her journey with no knowledge in theatre, with low self esteem and low confidence, over a period of time he/she becomes confident, then over-confident and after sometime they get caught into a whirlpool of complications all because of one fact. They have become bigger than themselves.

Who is to be blamed, them or the people around them who have contributed to feeding the performer’s ego, I guess both. Both have contributed to this phenomenon called EGO.

It is sad that actors sometimes have no good mentors and sometimes don’t even have an environment that helps them tame their ego. To understand this very sensitive stage of their growth as an artist. It is only natural that Ego can arise and erupt, but one has to tame it before it can disrupt. People and activities can help the performer be more grounded and be more real as a person. To just become a human, a human being.

All actors begin their Journey onto the stage with  nervousness, fear, and typically a non-existent Ego. Slowly they start performing, they realize their potential, they continue. Sometimes something takes over them.
What happens to them

Studies have shown that
There is a strong co-relation between Ego and Desire.
There is a strong co-relation between Desire and Food. we’ll talk about this in the other chapters.

Birth of an Ego and Death of a Human
When an actor feels that a performance has gone well, only because of himself/herself
When an actor begins into the journey of wanting quick name, fame, and money; where the focus is not to learn but for other gratifications.
When an actor begins the journey of self indulgence.
When an actor begins their comparative “ I got a small role but somebody got a better role” “I got less claps they got more claps”
When an actor begins to believe “There is nobody better than me”
When an actors’ performance is focused only on the self with no botheration of other actors around.
When an actor is unable to work in a team, so he stops being a team player and becomes an individual player.
When a performer begins to perform all alone with very less or nobody in the play.
Some other symptoms include
Attention seeking behavior
Sensation seeking behavior
Craving for the applause.

Birth of a Human and Death of an Ego
When an actor’s humane qualities are more strongly visible
When an actor is willing to learn more and more, ready to empty the cup constantly.
When an actor is more craft indulgent and not self indulgent.
When an actor begins to let go.
When an actor does not crave for any kind of false appreciation
When an actor realizes that in a performance it is a team effort.
When an actor is ready to become a nobody.
Some other symptoms include
using the art form for the wellness of the community and in large the humanity
After a performance, the performer goes backstage and removes the illusions one by one and gets back to life quickly.

Ever wondered which side of the journey you are on ?
– Ranji David

Workshop Show: Truly Taporis
11th September
– A Series of 4 short stories done in CTS at the ALMA.
Four original short stories were presented in Complete the Story Format.

Workshop  Participant Feedback: It was a fantastic experience ….” says Shyamala Balasubramanian
(click here to read more)

Yours Truly Theatre conducts workshop for people with no prior theatre experience, if you are keen to join our caravan (travel and grow along with us), feel free mail us at yourstrulytheatre@gmail.com

Editors: Rainbow workshops were back in swing for the members?
Arya Ketan: Yes, Professionalism is a Wide vision perspective – Every one knows or acknowledges that professionalism is critical to being successful in your endeavors, but yet, we some times do away with it.Last weekend, we all went through an exercise which clearly showed that being professional is so very essential and how clearly it differentiates your works.
Being professional is taking responsibility with any one accounting you for it.We make an extra effort to make sure that we do it with honesty.It need not be the best or the most correct, but a work where in you can proudly say, you gave in your very 100 pc. I think the second learning of last week is pretty much connected to the first.Having a wide vision is so necessary to be professional.As we were taught to how to increase our vision and slowly move towards 360 deg vision,for me, it metaphor-ed to the narrowness of thought in our day to day life and we need to practice to increase this and widen it on an ongoing basis. Workshops at YT, leave much to be pondered about and learn about. Looking forward for another such session tomorrow. 🙂

Editors: The YTAC show at IIJNM was a journey itself
Savyasachi Hebbar: The Best part of YTAC is not just that we grow as playback actors, it is that we get to meet some great people sharing their own ups and downs in life, whom we would have never met otherwise. Great acting lessons, stage presence, applause etc and etc are not the only things that we have taken back from the YTAC performances so far. It has included some hard hitting truths of life , great inspiration and some great lessons to learn through various perspectives, stories and various conflicts.  After meeting some great people and absorbing some great experience from Garden City College, I encountered some hard hitting truths, that could act as a gamechanger in life, which in fact where the gamechangers for some of them.  The still-strongly-prevalent Caste system experienced by one, the bad college management which led to a revolution by a student who fought to get a basketball court built in the college, a heart churning experience which turned the world upside down for the otherwise orthodox girl ,were some great takeaway inspiration. But the one story which kept me thinking was the experience of Manu, who almost saw  death in front of him, the aftermath which led to a thought : “If I was dead today, what would have happened to those hundred wishes, to those hundred aspirations I wanted to achieve in the future”, the aftermath which made him resign his job and start chasing all those goals and aspirations. You never know what might happen to you the very next second. Life is so very surprising than we can possibly expect. Do all those things today that you wanted to do tomorrow.

Editors: So how do feel to have become the finalist to the YCE-Performing Arts award by the British Council in 2011.

Nandini: The whole process of participating in this was a great experience. It forces you to look at the work you have been doing from a different perspective and that in many ways gives you great insights and ideas of possibilities. It makes you ask yourself the right questions, helps you look back at the work done so far and consolidate them and plan for the future with clear vision. It helps you priorities and finally forces you to look at your work from others perspective.  The whole process is about finding the right balance between high artistic quotient and sound economic understanding. A very thin rope walk for every artists. Most of the time they are lopsided, either artists get very self indulgent and not focus on understanding what is the kind of artistic product they are coming up and does that relate to audiences or the other extreme of getting so commercial that somewhere you start compromising on the artistic soul.  It was moment of recognition not just for us but for all members who have contributed back to the system, for all the audiences who have clapped for us and given us standing ovations. We have been doing our art with utmost sincerity and commitment and this recognition comes as a affirmation of the same.

Ranji: You see, when we started YT, we were very clear on one aspect.  We did not start YT for name, fame, or money.  Let me re-emphasis ‘we are not in a rat race’ to compete with others in theatre.  In fact one of our philosophies in YT currently is ‘no competition’.  Keeping this philosophy intact we don’t even have auditions in the theatre.  Yes, we don’t compete internally nor are we interested for any kind of external competition.  It is sad if theatre turns out to be another competition.  The world outside is already moulded so competitively in everything, the last thing is to make art, and theatre in particular, another competitive game. The very texture of theatre would change if competition runs in the minds of theatre makers.  If we can convince our young theatre makers the joy of celebration and not competition then theatre thrives positively. There are people who compete, we have no problem with them, it is their choice.  But we are very clear, we don’t want to get into competitiveness.  We want to do our work at our own pace with our vision.  We want to experiment, learn, investigate, enjoy doing theatre, and try to bring about change in whichever small way possible.  In this journey we have crossed many milestones. This by the British council is a very small milestone.  For us a milestone is a gentle reminder to pause in our journey to look back and think about where we began, where we are, to look ahead and understand where we want to be.  Every milestone in a theatre journey for us is a pause maker.  It’s a golden opportunity for reflection.  We are happy and in fact we are honored that our work is worthy to be taken notice by somebody.

Editors:  What does this mean to Yours Truly Theatre
Nandini: More than Yt itself , it is a sense of affirmation for others who are involved with YT that we are on the right track, going towards a collective vision.
Ranji: Awards or recognition is not the ‘world’ for us, but it does mean something for an outsider who wants to join us in our journey.  It also means something to the audiences who are out there wanting to watch us.  What really matters to us is the difference that our theatre does to our audiences & actors and the change that it enables them for a better life. If we are able to do that, then I would say we are doing something.

Editors: Can we get to see more awards for YourTrulyTheatre in the future.
Nandini: I don’t think award is what has excited us to do what we have been doing so far. So the same spirit will continue. We will continue to do what we love the most with complete passion and commitment. These are milestones which are extrinsic motivation, however the intrinsic passion for art is what we will continue driving us.
Ranji: For me personally, transactional awards are nothing, just waste, the sooner one realizes the better it is and we can focus more on our work and less on transactional things. Ours is a transformational theatre, we cannot indulge ourselves in transactional theatre activities. If we made our audiences reflect back into their lives then that’s an award, a Transformational Award (TA). if we changed a human being positively even in the smallest way then that’s an award, a TA; if we have brought smiles to blind and spastic children then that’s an award, a TA; if our theatre workshops have transformed its participants to be better human beings and experience world as a human and not a machine then that’s an award too. These human transformations are one of the factors that drive us and defines who we are, a transactional award will not be able to define us. :).



  1. As always an apt and exhaustive compilation of the work YT does and what it stands for. As milestones are reached it is heartening that the journey to those milestones are equally enjoyed celebrated and valued by the team. More power to you all

  2. This is BRILLIANT 🙂 thanks YT editors for such thoughtful compilation. i just couldnt stop reading till the end. YTians, take a Bow !

  3. Highlight of the this edition YT ness is interview of Nandini and Ranji. I am impressed with the clarity of your mind on theatre and what YT means to you and others. But honestly I would like to see that awards look for Indiranagar address and reach you – however insignificant it could be for you !

  4. Awesome read, Gyaanvardhak Baatein, Journey beyond Transactions leading to Transformations !!!!

  5. Wonderful!.It felt really good to read the newsletter. Transformational Award waali baat kitni acchi hai!. And the chapter from the diary was also very enlightening, waiting for the next chapters to know more.

  6. Ranji – the article on Actors ego is a bible!! ….m gonna get a colour print out of it right away!!! this is woooooah-nesss ….totally!!!!

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