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Welcome to Sixteen-Ness, The fourth Quarterly Update between October – December 2012

Yours Truly Theatre’s Official Newsletter (giving you updates on our every quarter) 

16-Ness-12 (Oct – Dec)


For update on our Quarterly Update for the year

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This Edition Includes:

  • Quarterly Show Update
  • YT Testimonials
  • From a Diary
  • Nostalgic Fluids
  • Workshop Corner

From the Editors’ Desk:

The fourth quarter of 2012 was full of exciting shows,seminars and activities
at Yours Truly Theatre .
In a very proud moment we were invited for TEDex  talk in Bangalore  where Yours truly Theatre gets standing ovation for the performance and its unique experimental work. This quarter we also had  Outside Knowledge Session by a Hollywood actor and professor  of performing arts and theatre at Caltech,USA. We end the quarter with performance at IIM-Bangalore for its 1997 batch alumni meet. 

image 5

Shows in the 4th Quarter (October 2012 – December 2012)

28th Oct: First ever performance by Theatre Season 1 and 2 at Yours Truly ALMA.

24th Nov: Unlearn The Familiar-An interactive theatre performance at TEDxMSRIT

1st Dec-Art meets Entrepreneurship-An interactive theatre performance on one day conference for Entrepreneurs at MLR convention centre, J P Nagar, Bangalore organised by Nextbigwhat.            

2nd Dec-Yours truly theatre performs at Sahabhaga international participatory theatre  festival -a playback theatre performance at Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology,Bangalore.           


15th  DecLife@ Campus at  Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore –  An  interactive theatre performance  on stories of  students in a  college.

22nd Dec- Yours truly theatre performs at IIM, BangaloreAn interactive theatre performance on alumni meet.


23rd Dec-OK session by Hollywood actor and professor of theatre at Brian Brophy – An intensive theatre workshop for YT members


 image 2

 Below are testimonials at TEDxMSRIT

Rajshekar C.p Setty Thanks for inviting me to this amazing event that made my evening




image 3

Article: Hats Off To True Talent

Media: Deccan Herald

Date: October 29th, 2012



Link: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/tabloid/bengaluru/hats-true-talent-977


Group Feature:  Going Global

Media: Deccan Herald

Date: Dec 8th   2012



Link : http://www.deccanherald.com/content/297135/city-theatre-group-proves-yours.html


A Proud Moment for Yours Truly Theatre !

Our young actor Adyant premiered in the movie ‘Life of pi’.


It all started with a call which landed at YT asking for young actor for a Hollywood movie. And after clearing few rounds of audition, Radiant shot with Ang Lee in Pondichéry, Puducherry, India . Adyant is very committed to theatre and continues his theatre training at YT.


yt image1

Pix 1: Wendela (a psychotherapist and an actor along with her friend Rita (a counsellor and dramtic teacher) in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Women: – Part 1

The 50 to 60 + year old women of Europe have inspired us. You may wonder, why or how.

Well to begin with at 60 some of them carry themselves so young and so active it is hard not to notice that they have become young at heart and physically too.

We are inspired because they are consciously keeping themselves active.
They travel countries and are willing to experience the world.

We are inspired because we believe they are living a great life, purely by choice.

We are am inspired because we believe they are alive

( we observed that back here when most people reach 50 years they feel they are almost dead, not so active and alive)

Becoming more aware of themselves and their needs and wants

Most European women absolutely dislike being controlled, or even living in a controlled environment.

They are extremely expressive physically, mentally and emotionally. More than men.

Our Dutch host who is a single and in her 40’s asked us; why do I need a man.

Yes, it made us think; why do women need men. It was a bouncer, it made us think for many days. Yes, why !!!

She said……. “ if I need children I can go to the nearest bank. I earn well so I am economically sound I can take care of myself. I physically fit so I am able to do things what men do. And this was true she would carry our luggage’s with ease. I visit my parents once in a few years. I am independent free and free to choose the life I want to ….”

On the other hand, we also noticed a flip side of the society, the women feel they need to become on par with men. The European women is doing everything to be and maintain being equal.

Indian women are comfortable to some extent; being a women.

European women aren’t so comfortable being a women.  Yes sometimes its on your face, when you see some of them have almost become masculine in their physicality as well.

There were around 9 million women killed during the “burn the witch” campaign which the women claim were organized by the church from the 14th century.

Hence the bitterness toward church and anything that is male dominated, hence one the need to be equal and on par as well we guessed.

You could read more about it in this website: http://www.gendercide.org/case_witchhunts.html

we kept meeting young women who thank the women of 18th and 19th century for fighting for their freedom and rights and we wondered the journey of the Indian women.

In the last 35+ days we have conducted Theatre workshop for Theatre practitioners, we observe women. They are absolutely free in the workshop (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) wow !!! The oldest women in our workshop was a 70 year old, just running, laughing loudly, dancing, singing. I was shocked !!!

Pix 2: Fra, an Artistic Director and the head of 2 theatre companies, and a psychologist

In Netherlands since the country had been hit by floods for long, women and men helped the country grow to what it is, so women have high amount of equality status and freedom of choosing a life that they wish to have. The country is only 1000 years old.

Most places, women live with their partners, unmarried; its perfectly fine. They say, if a relationship has to live then love is the only one to keep it alive. In places like UK, 4 divorces per person is a very common way of life. Shocked us like crazy initially. Along with freedom comes its own path.

Many a moment in discussions and in sharing sessions, one thing that we strongly observed is people often talk about their “search for true love”.
These have an implications of how life is lived, of understanding wants and needs.

The European women have made a massive impact on the social, economical and political ecosystem of Europe.

And yes, none of them dye their hair when they get older we wondered why


We intend to take you through a journey of how we lived and observed life in the last 35+ days

PS; These are only my observations, we could be wrong
Thank you for reading, feel free to write to us if you have anything to share.

-Ranji David


Editors: Nandini ,please tell us about the experience at  Muktadhara Festival 2012 organised by JanaSanskriti ,Kolkata.

Nandini:  Christ, the first political activist.     

At janasanskriti, a lot of my perceptions were broken into pieces. All of them for good .

Over next week, I will share each of them with you.

Here is one perception breaker for Christmas.

Sanjoy (director of janasanskriti) says Jesus and buddha as first few powerful political activists who showed real solidarity with massses.

And once I  heard this it started to make me think.

All great teachers have in their own way questioned the state of power or religion. The never used violence as method but used sanity/alternate method of living as means of negotiation. They have always stood by the silent and oppressed people. In the process they brought hope to the world.

Jesus can be easily described as the first political activist, a practitioner of non violence of this millennium. If we see him from this perspective, not from angle of church, we can understand and appreciate his work objectively being disconnected from institutional organised religion.

I am celebrating this Christmas with a new enlightened perspective about Jesus.

Merry Christmas! let the inner revolution continue!

Editors: It was also about breaking  our  prejudices and notions  about people we know little or don’t know at all. 

Nandini: Break this one

I was a weak child, i couldnt run at all, i used to get tired and used to start panting with little running and with bronchitic problem i would fall sick very often.

I hated the feeling of being weak. 

As i grew older i discovered few of my strengths, it took many years for me to feel confident about my identity. One of my strength was communication with many others.

The fact that now i felt confident,  I hated weakness within me and in others.Infact i would depend on medicine, as i hated feeling sick, weak and vulnerable. I felt people are weak because they are choosing to be oppressed and they are not making any effort to deal with it and i cant help such people.  I was becoming insensitive to the weak people.

Without realizing i started not listening people who couldnt express themselves or those who never spoke or those who would use less words. If i couldnt hear them, i assumed they had nothing to say. Or whatever they have to say is not as important.

I felt comfortable with people who were like me, who used words as a tool to express themselves. And with my lack of patience i would avoid or get frustrated trying to listen to someone who wasnt making any effort of being heard.

There were more such wrong perceptions build within me, thanks to fact that i was privileged in terms of education, religion,cast, financial, social background and even physically fit. Few perceptions like ‘people who are not educated are less intelligent, their thoughts are not important, they know nothing about civilized world, they cant come up with any solutions, they have no voice, we the city people know it all and are connected to the world.


Editors : Please share with us an example .

We were to perform for 5k to 7k villagers, the plays were about oppression –

drama company in LA where employee doesnt get enough notice period before getting fired

migrant situation in europe,

srilankan conflict,

freedom to pursue fancy education.

English school which forces people to let go of their indigenous culture to adapt to western values.

The themes and issues were so western, they don’t even come across as oppression to us in India. Our idea of oppression is more visible and if its not visible we consider there is no problem at all.

The next challenge was these plays were to be performed by 45 international participants from Portugal  Spanish, french, Italians,  Srilankas almost none could speak English nor Bengali.

I had my own ‘i know it all’ attitude being an Indian that ‘comon, whom are we kidding, villagers dealing with western issues which they cant relate to, they wont understand the accents, the themes are so layered, they wont get it, they can only understand plays which Janasanskriti does, local theme, local music, local language.

But Sanjoy was very confident, he was of opinion that all villagers are completely capable of handling and coming with great intervention and relevant solutions even for issues which are distant from their own reality.

The fact is they did, i saw young village kids come on stage and take on oppressors  i saw village women take on stage and passionately debate, i saw old men come up with simple and practical solutions to international issues


It opened my heart, and broadened my vision about the world. I felt ashamed of some of my values, thoughts and perceptions i have grown up with.

I have no right to judge anybody because of their backgrounds even educational.The most unassuming villager may have a simple practical solution for world problems.

Everyone has intelligence and if we create a truly democratic culture, you can see them applying their intelligence

Silence does not mean people have nothing to say, they are not saying it because we have not created a safe environment for them to speak. They feel unsafe to open up, they feel speaking will lead them to punishment or ridicule.

Give them a chance to speak and what they have to say – can put us to shame.

We all were and are weak in some way or the other, we need to find empathy to others weakness.

Its true that we relate to people who have the same weakness as ours, we feel immediate connection and can empathize with them,

However we do not understand weakness of others which is our strength, we tend to be insensitive to it, as we do not think its a big deal at all.

If we are insensitive to normal humans whom we cannot hear, than imagine what we end up doing with children, old people, special people, animals and nature who have no way to communicate, express and defend themselves.


A person who can express feels, why cannot you speak, it is so easy to express

A person who does not feel the need to express, does not respect people who need to share their feelings

A mentally strong person hates to see that someone else is feeling hopeless, why are they self inflicting themselves with pain

Person who is hurt finds it difficult to be compassionate to others heart felt repentance and forgiveness

The educated person debates why tress should be cut to make wider roads, so there is less trafic and he/she can reach office on time and keep his/her boss happy and get the next promotion.

The villager can never understand that people in ac cars are also miserable.

Young man gets impatient listening to old man trying to finish sentence or trying to explain something to old person who cant hear.

Old people always feel youngsters dont have the right values

We all are biased people, it takes a lot of conscious effort, deep awareness, life changing experiences to break these perceptions.

I am grateful i could break few of them in this workshop.


Editors: OK session with Brian Brophy was an experience of a lifetime

Cow $-hit!!

Sunday Morning and I have three unread messages in my inbox. When I came to know that Brian Brophy, an actor from the US will be at Alma, I immediately decided to go, I checked who this guy is cause the mail from Nandini said that he was in Shawshank Redemption.. So I became a bit curious and I browsed..

Thanks for spreading the word people..


The session was only fantastic..  I could never imagine a professional actor from the US so down to earth and welcoming.. I feel that there are very few people like him in the world today who don’t look with eyes of hierarchy.. coz he said that the culture lives.. even though he travelled through cow $-hit all over Varanasi and went to that temple where Sanjay Ganguly was so lively .. he did not complaint on any of this like the usual lot, rather he cherished and enjoyed it.. At the temple he said that he was distracted by watching the audience watch the performers . Can I believe his vision is boundless.. Although I must confess that once my mind began to ponder upon what are we doing when he asked us to do some stretching and the brrr brrrrr brrrr thing… I could relate it with Karate Kid where Jackie Chan is questioned by his trainee young boy..But I also knew that we believe here and it will lead to something good,, So I sailed along

Every time I go through a session of YT, I have noticed with me that somewhere in the session I become lively and I forget everything that bothers me..

I connect very well in YT

With Ranji, Nandni and Brian there are no hierarchies, no discriminations, there is only believe and support.

I guess wherever I travel with YT I carry a non judgmental head. But for the World outside am still to inculcate that sight.


EDITORS:  Ever wondered life as a Rehearsed Chaos? Here is what Ameet Bhuvan has to say about it.

Rehearsed chaos is what i live in. Every day, everymoment, there is chaos that is preplanned.

I know i will get up in a certain way. brush in a certain way. get dressed and ride to work in a certain way on a certain path. spend the whole office day in a certain way on a certain netwroking site 😛 and then get back home in a certain way to sleep on the same bed every day. Certainity governs the chaos that i call my daily life.

And yet, given a chance would i trade this chaos for anything else?

Would I, perhaps, try brushing in the same way as daily, but imagine i was not me but a dinosaur from the jurrasic park? How would i be, if i were to ride to work the same certain way as everyday, but be not me but a punked out youngster working just so he can corrupt the system from inside? How would I behave if i were on the same networking site in the same login account but i was not i but a chinese Ramayan exponent?

Would the rehearsed chaos be as zestful, as energetic and as chaotic as my life is everyday?

I wouldnt know, for i cant replay my everyday over and over again from the start to the finish, as a different me! Can i?

Looper if i were! if only a looper i were!




image 4

Workshop Show :  Theatre Seasons (TS 1 and TS 2)

28th October:   A playback show by TS1 at ALMA

A Series of 4 short stories done in CTS at ALMA by TS2

Yours Truly Theatre conducts workshop for people with no prior theatre experience, if you are keen to join our caravan (travel and grow along with us), feel free mail us at yourstrulytheatre@gmail.com


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